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No Strings

By the time they get there, they're arm in arm, and she drunkenly wonders why she fired him before realizing that it was, "Business, business. It's just business." Liam replies that he doesn't know that it's always been JUST business with them, and she says, "Oh right, there was that too, wasn't there?" YES, THERE WAS. And still is apparently. They get to Liam's room, and Rayna does that thing where she kind of lingers and looks around, then thanks Liam for running away from her life with her. But there is more running to do, and so he offers her a nightcap. And then he progressively leeeeeeeeeeeeans closer to her until he is within proximity to make the move. And then there's hot hotel hallway making out! Hotter than Deacon in an elevator by at least 33%. Five chili peppers! Sorry, Raycon superfans, but you know it's true. Rayna backs up for a minute and wonders what she's doing, pulling Liam's fedora down over her eyes in the process. Liam reminds her about the life-vacation, and she follows him into his room. If I ever have a nervous breakdown, I want it to go exactly like this. Where do you book this particular variety of life vacation? Priceline?

After a break, Liam has busted into the hotel mini-bar and makes Rayna feel incredibly special by saying that he doesn't spring for a $12 bourbon for everyone. She paces and looks kind of nervous, and then they sit and look at each other for a few seconds. And then Liam pounces. Like, an actual pounce. Rayna's not quite feeling it, though, and asks for a minute. She heads into the bathroom, applies lip gloss, looks in the mirror and starts crying. Oh GIRL, I've been there. Probably not in a hotel room as nice as that, but still.

Back at the Bluebird, Gunnar explains to Scarlett that he was an accessory to the armed robbery that got Jason put in the clink. It was Jason's idea, of course, and Gunnar was scared out of his mind and didn't realize that Jason would use a gun to rob the store. Gunnar panicked and left Jason there, and Jason didn't give him away, which as we know has left Gunnar with lingering guilt. Scarlett, who has really been incredibly sensible in this episode, says it was awful for Jason to put his kid brother in that position. She then puts that good sense aside to say that Jason can stay with them for one night. Slippery slope alert!

Meanwhile, Hailey is talking up Avery over drinks. She pshaws his contention that it might be awkward for him to be at the same publisher as Scarlett and Gunnar, and assures him that she wants to be in the Avery Barkley business. And maybe all up in the Avery Barkley business? She then starts talking about giving him the financial freedom that will allow him to be himself creatively, which is clearly hitting him where he lives. Which is in a fleabag motel. Where does he sign?

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