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Changing Ground
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Previously: Rayna and Teddy's financial situation was more precarious than she knew, in part because of Teddy's shady-secret-burned-papers business dealings. Lamar was pleased about the shadiness, since a mayor with secrets is easier to control, but not pleased about Rayna's career in country music, since his now-deceased wife had a long term affair with a singer-songwriter. Speaking of affairs, it seems less and less likely that Rayna and Deacon are going to have one, sadly. Gunnar tried to convince Avery to be supportive of Scarlett's burgeoning songwriting career, and the combination of Juliette's infamous MethMom showing up in town and Deacon turning down her exclusive bandleader/boyfriend contract was enough to send her to Walgreens. Where she pocketed a bottle of nail polish. In view of three young fans. Who made a video of her with their phones. D'oh!

We enter on a cozy boudoir scene. The lights are low and sheets are tangled. Someone has been getting busy. We pan up to learn that one of the getting busy parties is Rayna, and the other is Deacon! And I mean, it was pretty easy to call that this was a dream. Not a Bobby Ewing-caliber dream, but a dream nonetheless. Rayna and Deacon dream-talk about how much they've missed having the sexytimes together, and as they start going for another round someone keeps going, "Hey... Hey." It turns out that it's Teddy, who's waking Rayna up with a cup of coffee. He lovingly calls her sleepyhead, and she looks guilty in response. And after he leaves, telling her to take her time, she looks even guiltier. As if she's not had a sex dream about Deacon every night for the last ten years!

Meanwhile, there is some very loud knocking on Juliette's door. She answers, annoyed and still in her nightie, to find two cops. She asks what her mama did now, and offers to let them take her. They could probably actually lure her out by crinkling a bag of pork rinds. But it turns out that the cops aren't looking for Jolene -- they're looking for Juliette. One of them hands her a paper and says that shoplifting is a class A misdemeanor. He adds, "I'm sure by now you've seen the video. About four million people have." Juliette just laughs, tells them to get a real job, then slams the door in their faces. I'd think that would be at least a class B misdemeanor! Or maybe it's just Juliette being her typical lovely self.

Back at the Jaymes/Conrad manse, Rayna asks Tandy what's really going on with Teddy's campaign. It turns out that the voters of Nashville are smart, and Teddy is down twelve points. Rayna is shocked and Tandy adds that he's practically on life support. The girls are there and Rayna gives them a ten-minute warning. Per usual, Maddie is rather teenager-y about it and Daphne is a cute little sassmeister. When Maddie asks Tandy if Teddy is going to win the election, Tandy says, "Absolutely." Rayna seems just a little put off by the facility with which her sister can lie. When Tandy mentions that Teddy is having a fundraiser that weekend, Rayna suggests that she could sing. The sisters banter for a while, and eventually Tandy says that though Teddy wouldn't say so, a Rayna Jaymes performance would help a lot. Rayna says that she's in just before Tandy breaks the news that the fundraiser is at the country club. As Rayna wonders what she's done, Maddie comes running back in with the Juliette Barnes video loaded on her phone. Rayna seems too involved in her own personal drama to be able to take much glee from it.

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