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Changing Ground

So, Deacon finally wins the stare-off when Teddy breaks to go shake someone's hand and gives a dorky thumbs up. I wish these two would just whip it out and see whose is bigger, already. So many problems could be solved! When the song ends to a standing ovation, Teddy walks out and Rayna looks concerned.

Backstage after the show, Deacon tells Rayna that he doesn't even know what that Teddy stuff was. It was you beating your chest like an ape! I'm surprised he didn't throw Rayna over his shoulder after and carry her offstage. Rayna says it seemed to her like it was him taking the bait. Lamar's bait! He is like a fisherman of misery. Rayna doesn't know what Deacon was thinking, and says that he's not only self-destructive, but regular old destructive-destructive. But... I mean, he totally WAS getting insulted. Though not by Teddy, who really bore the brunt of the lashing-out. Hmmmm. Rayna says, "I can't believe you put us in this position." Deacon asks, "Which us?" She can't answer. And thus begins another confusing Rayna and Deacon conversation. I'm all for subtlety and subtext, but I do wish the writers of the show would actually have these two be a wee bit clearer when they talk to each other about Important Matters and Feelings. It's a little unsettling to watch significant scenes between principal characters two weeks in a row and go, "Huh?"

Anyway, Deacon says, "I thought you needed me," and Rayna tearfully says that she does need him. He doesn't know what to do with that anymore, and neither does she. She paces and looks worried, and says that now she's going to have to go home. Instead of banging him like she wants to? What is even happening? Deacon asks if they're done here, and Rayna gives a very meaningful, "Yeah, we're done." Didn't they already break up last week, though?

Back at home, Rayna sits cross-legged as Teddy walks in their bedroom. He says, "I can't deal with it anymore." I think he's talking about the two giant painted portraits of their daughters, which do indeed prove that the country club set are their people. Who has those, other than Real Housewife Sonja Morgan? Anyway, Rayna knows that Teddy is fed up. Teddy says that he's her husband, and Rayna replies, "I'm firing him." But... nooooooo! The intimate duo sexytimes tour must go on! RIGHT? I guess this is the "us" and the "position" that Rayna was talking about in the inscrutable conversation. Terribly played, everybody. Except for Lamar, of course, who got exactly what he wanted.

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