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Changing Ground

But Juliette does have one person to call, and it isn't Ghostbusters. As she eats cold pink macaroni out of the casserole dish, she dials Deacon. He, of course, is feeling awfully friendless right now, and is just sitting alone in his car like a creeper. He asks if she's alright, and she says, "Not really." And then Deacon asks if she's doing anything at the moment. She gets a little smile, despite the fact that there is no longer enough pink macaroni to share. Here we go again!

Next time: MethMom strikes again! Avery gets jealous about Scarlett and Gunnar's relationship. Teddy asks Rayna what exactly went on with her and Deacon, and Deacon decks someone. We can only hope it's Lamar!

Potes's version of pink macaroni is called "pizza casserole," and she would like you to know that it's delicious. Tweet her @traciepotes or email

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