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Changing Ground

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar tour the offices of their new music publisher. En route to the writers' rooms they pass through the fully stocked kitchen, and Gunnar goes in the fridge to grab a yogurt. That is VERY country of him. As he's leaving he meets the owner of said yogurt, a foxy brunette named Hailey, who is assistant to the woman who runs the publishing house. Turns out she's a fan of Gunnar and Scarlett's demo, and also now of Gunnar's hot bod. As Hailey takes pains to determine if Gunnar is single, Gunnar takes pains to express that he is single. As Scarlett interrupts the moment and Gunnar heads back to the writers' room, Hailey flirtatiously tells Gunnar to keep his mitts off her yogurt. Ah, there is no true love stronger than that which starts with flirty probiotics!

Back at Rayna's house, Bucky is giving her options for the fundraiser. She thinks it makes sense to have a full band, but adds that they'll have to get someone else on guitar since there's no way Deacon will do it. The combination of a country club setting and Lamar is enough that not even Rayna wants to do it, so she's certain that Deacon will decline. Bucky then tells her that he already talked to Deacon, who didn't have a problem with it. Well, I wouldn't go quiiiite that far. Rayna looks vaguely skeptical but says that if Deacon can deal with it, she can deal with it. And everything that happens heretofore with these two is kind of Bucky's fault, given his Parent Trap shenanigans.

Back at Juliette's, the diva herself is getting wardrobed. She hates the dress she's wearing, saying that it makes her look like a poor hillbilly. She's a rich hillbilly now, dagnabbit! Jolene says that she kind of likes it, and Juliette cuts her down with a withering, "You would." Meanwhile, Glenn gets off of a call and glares at the complaining Juliette. It turns out that Juliette is welcome to attend the CMAs, but is being taken off of the list of presenters. He adds that she's getting slammed on all of the late night shows, and Saturday Night Live is doing an opening sketch that features her kleptomaniacal self. He's clearly at the end of his rope, and tells her that as quickly as she came up in this business, she can disappear. She's no Martina McBride or Rayna Jaymes, who earned their longevity. As good as she is (is she?), she'll have to earn that too. McKenna agrees, saying that this is a make or break moment and Juliette has one shot to set the record straight and be the person the world thinks she is. E.g., not a poor hillbilly. If she wants to keep the lavish lifestyle to which she's become accustomed, Glenn suggests that she take that shot. A resigned Juliette tells them to schedule the GMA interview.

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