When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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Puppy Love
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Previously on Nashville: Rayna was interested in potentially signing Scarlett and Gunnar to her new label. They hugged in joy, but his penis didn't fall into her ladyparts just yet. Nay, that occurred after Gunnar learned that his ne'er-do-well brother, Jason, had been murdered. Scarlett totally boned Gunnar to convince him that it wasn't his fault that Jason died, even though it kind of WAS since Gunnar threw Jason's gun into the river, leaving him defenseless against Texan thugs. News of Rayna and Teddy's divorce hit the tabloids, and Maddie started the age-old process of hating both her parents. Avery was unsure of his path to success, while Jolene fell off the wagon. Thank goodness bang-able addiction counselor Dante was around to offer help to the whole family. OH, and Teddy asked Cole to be his deputy mayor, in a move that's going to be sure to cause some mustachio-twisting on Lamar's part. In other news, it has been a LONG TIME since the last episode!

We open at Deacon's house, where he's strumming an acoustic version of "Love Like Mine." Is he practicing, you may ask, for his job as Juliette's bandleader? No, in fact he's serenading...his new puppy! But Young Yeller is not impressed by the greatest hits of Juliette Barnes (which apparently come at the end of "every damn song I know"), and runs off to be restless and bark and sniff stuff. Deacon, who apparently has never been near an actual dog, wonders what Young Yeller's problem is, given that he's already eaten and peed all over the house. He calls the animal hospital asking for an appointment, for the reason that someone gave him a defective dog. Isn't it funny how everyone on this show is just a little dumber than we thought? Take the puppy for a walk, you idiot!

Meanwhile, in post-coital griefville, Gunnar and Scarlett wake up, both looking tortured. Gunnar claims he's fine, though Scarlett doesn't understand how he could be. She offers to call Bucky and reschedule the meeting with Rayna and Marshall. Gunnar is all, "Why would you do that?" See? Dumber than we thought. Scarlett thinks he shouldn't have to deal with record company shenanigans on the morning after he had to ID his dead brother's body, but Gunnar reiterates that he's fine. Before the meeting, though, he has a couple of things he has to do. You know, things that fine people do, like disappear for hours on end. Scarlett wants to help, and in turn Gunnar tells her that they slept together and "it doesn't have to mean anything." Grief sex: it's not ideal. In other news, Scarlett's post-sex hair looks slightly less scraggly than her everyday hair! Victory!

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