When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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Puppy Love

Gunnar and Scarlett arrive home, and he apologizes for blowing the showcase, and for scaring her. In turn, she says that "last night" -- e.g., the boning -- was a mistake and apologizes for it. Gunnar looks sad and retreats to his room. Can no one turn on a light in the whole freaking house? Jeez, no wonder they are so depressed all the time.

Meanwhile, Rayna enters Maddie's room with a present. It's the first guitar that Rayna ever tried to play, given to her by her mom. And now she's giving it to Maddie. She knows that Maddie's hurting, but wants Maddie to know that both she and Teddy love her. And if she channels all her hurt through her music, she might be the second act signed to Rayna's new label. Thus, the guitar. Maddie thanks her, and all the nasty teenage attitude seems to have been concussed right out. Still, she's grounded for life.

Then we're at the Bluebird, where "Avery Barksdale" is playing the open mic. Aw, poor guy. He sits at the piano and sings a very sad song about grieving the love he's been holding on to. Is it Scarlett? Is it his career? Is it his publishing advance? Anyway, he's down with whatever suffering he has to do to get his dignity back. What won't help is the fact that Scarlett and Gunnar toss and turn separately before meeting up in the kitchen, acknowledging that their boning was neither pity nor a mistake, and boning again. A romance for the ages, to the soundtrack of Avery Barksdale!

And then Rayna shows up on Katie Couric's show as her entire family and Deacon watch. Not together, of course. Rayna admits that her divorce is painful, and says that her experience isn't different than anyone else's -- the only difference is that she has to go through it publicly. So, I'm sure the whole thing is a PR win.

Meanwhile, in family therapy, Juliette admits that she DID see her mom that time in Mobile, and was embarrassed. She ignored her, and is sorry. And she wonders if both Jolene and Dante would like to go back out on tour with her. Dante can be a sober companion, or traveling shrink for both of them. I bet he's going to charge $50 million, then blow it on coke and whores. The temptations of the road! Rayna's hell-giving really had an impact on Juliette, apparently, since now she's going to the hospital to pay the bills of everyone who got hurt at her show. Now that's being a good self-manager.

And then Deacon goes back to the vet clinic, sans puppy. He greets the hot lady vet, who asks if he finally named Young Yeller. Deacon says, "Sue! I named him Sue." obviously quite proud, as he should be. Hot vet says, "But he's a boy." NAMED SUE. See, he needs to stop this whole thing before it even starts. There's hating country music, and then there's just being an idiot. Deacon also wants to ask hot vet on a date, in front of the entire office. She agrees! I'm sure everyone on the Red Lips White Lies tour is going to be totally fine with that.

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