When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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We then cut to Scarlett, who's preparing to go to the showcase for Rayna and Marshall. She leaves a message for Gunnar on the phone, saying she thought they were going to head to the showcase together. But she guesses she'll see him there. On the way out she grabs her banjo, just in case. She's basically got an out of tune banjo, a scraggly weave, and a prayer at this point.

Avery, meanwhile, is getting dressed-down from Marilyn. She's trying to hear his concerns, but thinks he should be honored to defer to Dominic. He has a great track record, and Avery respects him, but says that what Dominic played doesn't even sound like something he'd listen to, much less perform. Dominic overhears and enters the room, asking, "You don't like it?" Avery tries to explain that his music is all he has, but Dominic corrects him, saying, "Your music's all I got. You signed a contract." Avery complains that it isn't HIM, but Dominic counters with the fact that Avery wanted success, and now Dominic is giving it to him. Avery is who Dominic wants him to be. And wow, such nuance and subtlety in Wyclef's performance! Who knew there were so many shades of yelling?

And then we're in the mayor's office, where Lamar is barging in despite the efforts of Teddy's assistant. Lamar congratulates Teddy and Cole for their press conference, and asks if it was supposed to send a message. Teddy says it was just a pragmatic appointment, given that Coleman is an experienced council member with inside-out knowledge of the city. But Lamar knows that Cole has no intention of supporting "his" baseball stadium, and so wonders if Teddy shares in Cole's philosophy or is a man of his word. Teddy announces that he will, in fact, be building a stadium -- just not on Lamar's land. It turns out that there's another stadium-sized parcel of land that's cheaper, more accessible, and better for the city. And Subway has shown interest in the naming rights! Instead of bats, all the baseball players will have to use footlong buns, so it's eco-friendly as well. Lamar cackles, and wants to remind both men just who got them there. But before he can, Teddy's assistant comes in to say that Maddie's on the line. Maddie is calling to ask if she can do her homework at a friend's place despite being grounded, since she has a "group" "history" "project." Teddy asks if said friend's parents will be there and, when Maddie says they will be, he agrees. But of course Maddie is actually at Two Old Hippies -- the site of the formerly intimate Juliette Barnes concert. Rayna would be disapproving of all of this so hard right now.

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