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Meanwhile, Scarlett is calling Gunnar...again. This time from the location of the meeting with Rayna and Marshall. She'd like to know that he's okay, and also for him to get there, and also for him to pick up his phone. Rayna laments to Bucky how many times she's had to wait for a guitar player, and is clearly nervous and feeling like she has to prove something to Marshall. He enters and tells her that if she can discover another Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes he'll be happy, she proposes two Rayna Jaymes's, and Bucky heads out to get Scarlett as awkward smalltalk continues.

At Two Old Hippies, Juliette takes the stage to much crowded-crowd excitement. Deacon notes that there are a whole lot more than 50 people in the audience, Juliette says it's exciting, and Deacon asks if it actually IS exciting. Juliette scowls in response. If she cares so much about what he thinks, why doesn't she just try asking him in advance once in a while? Juliette launches into a song that has something to do with sweet blue eyes, and Deacon spots Maddie toward the back of the crowd. The audience starts pushing forward, and Deacon gives a concerned look to the lone security guy in the crowd, who just shakes his head no. Juliette keeps singing, oblivious, and the crowd keeps pushing until some sort of Ikea shelving unit that is randomly placed in the middle of the floor comes toppling down right on Maddie's head. There were, like, colorful baskets on top of that rickety shelf. No one thought to move it right out of the middle of the room? I guess that's what they mean by saying the venue can't "handle" the larger crowd. Anyway: bedlam. Juliette's security guy grabs her and ushers her through the crowd and out of the venue, while Deacon runs straight for Maddie. She stands up and doesn't seem to be obviously bleeding, and is most concerned at this point about being grounded for life. I can't believe we didn't even get to see her laying on the ground unconscious for a few seconds before the commercial break, since this whole scene was so obviously leading up to such a payoff. More danger!

Back at the new label showcase, Marshall is wondering what the heck is up with "these two characters" who couldn't bother to show up together OR on time. He starts to head to another meeting, when Bucky brings in just Scarlett. She apologizes and says she doesn't know what could be delaying Gunnar, but is sure that he'll be there any second. Why doesn't she just tell them about the dead brother? Rayna asks Scarlett to do one of her numbers solo just to give Marshall a taste. Guess it's a good thing she grabbed that banjo! And oh my goodness, how can we be on episode 15 and the lip syncing is still this bad? She's doing whatever the lip syncing equivalent of playing the banjo is, too. A few seconds in and some other instrumentation and background vocals kick in, which is I think Rayna's in-head arrangement/production and not ghosts. And then Rayna's phone buzzes, presumably with news of how her daughter maybe got concussed by ill-placed rickety shelves at an illicit Juliette Barnes concert, and she runs out with a quick note of apology. Can no one on this show just explain what's going on like ONE TIME? Poor Scarlett is having quite a day.

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