When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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Rayna arrives at the hospital and Teddy shows up soon after. She's incensed that he doesn't know what happened since all this went down on his watch. They see Maddie, who is fine and apologetic and being sent up for a CT scan to check for any concussion activity. Deacon is there, of course, since he brought Maddie in, and actually kind of sticks up for Teddy when Rayna is incensed about his parenting watchdog skills. Rayna says she's grateful to Deacon for taking such good care of Maddie, and Deacon responds that Maddie is "like family." IF HE ONLY KNEW. Maybe they'll accidentally do a paternity test while doing the CT scan? Or she needs a kidney transfusion and Deacon is the only match? He leaves, but not before giving Rayna a little stuffed animal to pass on to Maddie.

Meanwhile, Juliette is raging at Emily, who is doing her best to manage the situation despite the fact that she is not actually a manager. Juliette wonders why there were so many people at the show - HA - and further abuses Emily when she says she can't do this job alone. Jolene and Dante invite Juliette to partake in their afternoon yoga session. She declines, on grounds that she's in the middle of a major crisis.

Avery shows up to the church-studio and, when the engineer goes to grab some mics, lifts a whole bunch of things with his name on them and puts them in his bag. These are apparently his masters, which he plans to destroy. It's a good thing it isn't 2013 and all of that information isn't backed up on a server somewhere!

And then a drunk Gunnar turns up at home. To her credit, Scarlett doesn't instantly throw a teapot at his head. She cries and says that she understand he's grieving and blaming himself for Jason's death even though he shouldn't (he totally should), but she wishes he'd stop treating her like absolute dirt. Is that too much for a girl to ask? He sad-sacks that she has no idea what he's going through. She screams that she was stupid not to cancel their meeting with Rayna, but also he might have at least called her to let her know that he was alive. Gunnar is all, "JASON can't play music for Rayna anymore!" and then Scarlett invokes how helpful the police are being in figuring it all out, which of course only makes Gunnar madder. She goes to hug Gunnar, and he gets dead eyes and tells her to stop, since he doesn't need her pity. Implication: he doesn't need her pity-boning.

And speaking of pity, Avery smashes all the hard drives and tears apart the reel-to-reel and puts it all in a garbage can which he sets on fire. I would make fun of the fact that he's got actual tape there, except for the fact that I am totally making a record at an all-analog studio. This still exists! It's awesome, until you realize that you actually DO kind of want someone to autotune your ass. In any case, I imagine Dominic will come by any minute and throw Avery's little ass into that fiery garbage can, too.

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