When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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Back at the hospital, Rayna and Teddy bicker over what exactly Maddie was doing at the life-threatening Juliette Barnes concert. She thinks she should cancel an upcoming trip to New York to be with the girls, but Teddy tells her that she can cancel all she wants but she still can't come to the house this week. That's their agreement, and he's going to ensure that they stick to it. Rayna argues that Maddie needs her mom -- e.g., a parent who will actually take care of her. Teddy is all, "Don't forget how I Mr. Mom'ed her ass for the last umpteen years," and tells Rayna that she doesn't get to run this one. And he has kind of a point, until Maddie is escorted back in a wheelchair and before she can even say hello to Rayna he interjects, "Tell your mom goodbye." At this point he basically has testicles spontaneously sprouting out of his elbows and from between his fingers. Calm down, dude.

Juliette watches news coverage of her concert melee, which apparently left six young people with injuries. Juliette asks if she can sue the news for blaming this all on her and everyone is like, "Seriously?" To make things worse, Rayna calls, noting that she's just been at the ER with her daughter and the five other kids who got hurt at Juliette's show. Juliette wonders why everyone is trying to make this her fault and Rayna is like, "BECAUSE IT IS COMPLETELY YOUR FAULT." She continues to give Juliette some kind of hell for never taking responsibility for anything and constantly hurting people around her. She yells, "Wake up!" and hangs up the phone. Juliette in turn seems to be mildly awoken.

Deacon and Cole debrief the concert mishap as Young Yeller eats random shit in the yard. Cole notes that the dog was not a practical birthday gift, which leads to talk about the pretty vet. Cole says, "Don't sleep with her," before quickly realizing that Deacon has already slept with her. He notes that Deacon is "Mr. One and Done," since he seems to try to keep himself available for Rayna. Deacon thinks that's dumb, and Cole in turn asks when was the last time he had a proper date. When he took Rayna to the prom, apparently. Deacon isn't just hooked on booze and pills, according to Cole -- he's strung out on Rayna Jaymes. In turn, Deacon quite fairly points out that a certain other deputy mayor sitting right beside him appears to be equally enthralled with the Jaymes-Conrad-Wyatts. Nobody can quit them!

Back in the church studio, Avery returns to find a very pissed Marilyn and Dominic. When he reveals that he burned his masters, Wyclef goes from shout to heightened shout. I smell an Emmy along with gasoline fumes! Marilyn is concerned about the producing fees that Dominic has billed them, and Avery hands over $75,000 from his publishing advance. He also gives back the keys to Dominic's car. Dominic wonders if Avery really thinks it's that easy. Apparently he does, since he bids Marilyn adieu as well to the very enthusiastic shouts of Dominic claiming that he's dead in this business. But Avery feels more alive than he has in months. Just don't go to The Last Time Around little buddy!

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