When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

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Puppy Love

Back at Juliette's, Dante tells Jolene that he made over $50 million, and blew it all on drugs, sex and cars. He also had an addiction to power, and at the root of it was a sense of weakness. Jolene shares that at the root of her addiction is a feeling that she's failed everything she's ever done. They talk about what happened at Deacon's birthday, and how admitting it is the first step, and Juliette sits out in the hallway listening. Dante sees her and gives her a look like, "See? Therapy." How many more episodes until these two are boning?

Meanwhile, Scarlett bangs and bangs on Deacon's door. She's come for help, since she's worried that Gunnar is going to try to take justice into his own hands at The Last Time Around. At the mere mention of the bar's name Deacon gets VERY worried, so you know it must be bad. Sure enough, Gunnar is in a hoodie at the bar, apparently ready to go and accost an entire fleet of Hell's Angels. Scarlett, always as dramatic as possible, runs up and says if he's going in, so is she. Her scraggly weave hides a whole series of knives and brass knuckles, after all. Gunnar wants to find out who killed Jason, and Deacon is all, "Then what?" And of course Gunnar doesn't know, AND he already threw that gun in the river. Gunnar says that Deacon doesn't understand, but Deacon DOES. Because: Vince. Remember Vince, longingly brought up in conversation by journalist Carmen? Well, it turns out he was Deacon's best friend, and Deacon made him drive drunk. How do you make somebody drive drunk? Anyway, Vince hit a tree and died. The guilt made Deacon dark, and made him lose everything he ever cared about including the only woman he loved. He doesn't want Gunnar to get lost in the same dark crap, and advises him to hold on to Scarlett's scraggly weave to get him through it all. Gunnar turns away from the bar and leaves with the two of them, much to the chagrin of one burly Hell's Angel who was in the mood for a tasty snack.

Back at the Conrad-for-the-week manse, Rayna shows up at the door, wanting to see Maddie even though it isn't her week. Teddy says that Maddie is fine, and totally wants her to leave. But Rayna gives him credit for being a good dad, and says being in the hospital reminded her of the day that Maddie was born, when it was just the three of them. And...did anyone else think that these two were totally going to bone? For the first time in like five years? But really, I guess, Rayna just wants to talk to Maddie. Teddy softens and lets her in.

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