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The Good Wife
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Previously: Scarlett butchered "Ring of Fire" in a way that will make the ghost of Johnny Cash haunt the scraggly curls of her weave for all eternity, and this somehow made everyone love her MORE. Tim Tony Tebow Romo was all about purity and wouldn't have sex with Juliette, while Cole pressured Teddy to drop out of the mayoral race or risk having his incriminating photos with Peggy revealed. And Juliette and Rayna did a fantastic duet that is totally going to thwart their goal of never having to interact with one another again.

We enter post-Ryman show, with Rayna walking backstage and saying that her duet with Juliette was a lot more fun than she expected. Liam puts his arm around her shoulders in a rather intimate way, lending credence to my theory that these two are eventually going to bone. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later, to be honest. Bucky gives raves and Liam notes that it wasn't half bad, apart from the company. And here I thought he wanted to nestle himself in Juliette's pert bosom? Or maybe he's talking about Deacon. Marshall declares that Edgehill is going to release "You've Got the Wrong Song" as a live single. He's otherwise speechless, but Rayna only has to engage in the mildest form of arm-twisting for Marshall to agree that he's excited to release her new album. He welcomes Liam to Edgehill Republic, and Liam's too-cool-for-school reply is, "Yep." Okay, so he IS kind of a jagoff. But still, top quality boning potential. Everyone is so happy, what could possibly ruin this moment?

On cue Teddy walks in, like the Debbie Downer he is. He tells everyone not to let him stop the celebrating. In response, everyone except for Rayna leaves. WAH WAH. On his way out Marshall tells Rayna to make sure that Liam behaves, but she says she can offer no promises on that one. Liam then gives her a flower and a kiss on the cheek, because: future boning. Rayna wants to stay for a glass of champagne, but Teddy says they can have one at home. Cut to home, where there is no celebrating to be had. Teddy has just told Rayna about the pictures. She can't believe that anyone -- especially Coleman -- would leak photos of two people talking. BUT WHAT IF THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT STEALING ALL KINDS OF MONEY? Teddy says that a fabricated affair is not going to make him drop out of the mayoral race, which prompts Rayna to ask if the affair was indeed fabricated. He says that he did not have an affair, and Rayna quite legitimately wonders what he was doing wandering around in a public park at night with his ex-flame. Teddy makes up a lie about Peggy's marriage being in trouble to deflect Rayna's question, which does not seem like the right way to go. She worries about the effect that it's going to have on their children, and then wonders why Cole would do this. She asks if winning this election is so important and Teddy says, "Apparently so," in the calm manner of one who has sold his soul to the devil and so has the devil's help in appearing to act genuine.

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