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Back at the publishing house, Jeannie announces to Scarlett and Gunnar that they've gotten an offer to put one of their songs on hold. It's not a done deal yet, but this is still quite exciting and deserves a champagne toast. Poor Hailey has to bring in the champagne and glasses, and Jeannie makes the most awkward toast to successful partnerships.

Meanwhile, Deacon hangs out with his rock star friends and tells them that if he doesn't leave Nashville now, he's never going to. He gives a mellow, "Let's do it," and then everybody toasts with water to sex, no drugs, and rock n' roll. Through it all, Deacon looks just the slightest bit sad.

And then poor Rayna has to go right from the press conference to a meeting with Marshall. He reminds her of how well the duet with Juliette is doing, and says it's shot both of them to the top of the charts. Marshall and Bucky just met with Performance International, who proposed an arena tour involving Rayna and Juliette co-headlining. It would be a 50/50 split, and they'd alternate who closes the show. They'd do 80 cities, promoting each of their albums and the single. He wants to set things up ASAP so they can strike while the song is hot. Do people really just cancel tours and announce tours and then cancel tours and announce tours like this? In any case, Rayna is so eager to get the hell out of town and away from Teddy that she's at the very least not saying no.

Meanwhile, Juliette has set up like a million candles out by her pool. Please tell me she's going to set her house and the ensuing woods on fire. Sean arrives and tells her she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. They smooch for a hot second, and then Juliette sits him down. She tells Sean that she had a bit of a heart-to-heart with his mom last night, and started thinking about the two of them, and family. And then, blue eyeshadow and all, she asks Sean to marry her. Is she THAT desperate for sex? I mean, yes, but still. Mrs. Butler is going to flip her wig!

This January on Nashville: A very dramatic Rayna and Juliette tour quite possibly commences! Deacon gets nekkid with a ladyfriend, and also has a whole bunch of groupies. Avery kisses Scarlett and maybe gets a beat down from his (former) bandmates. Teddy tells Rayna that she's not taking the girls from him, Scarlett fronts a band, and Juliette may be a runaway bride. I can't wait!

Potes wishes you happy holidays free of blasphemous "Ring of Fire" covers! Tweet her @traciepotes or email with your recapping wish list.

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