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The Good Wife

With that, church is over. Juliette asks what the Tebow Romo family is doing that evening, and it turns out that Mrs. Tebow Romo always fixes a big Sunday dinner when Tim Tony is in town. Juliette goes, "Awwwwwww," and with a hint of reluctance Mrs. Tebow Romo asks if she'd like to come. Juliette is so starved for any type of familial affection that she throws her arms around Mrs. Tebow Romo while accepting. What a sad little troll she is underneath it all.

Lamar and Teddy are in the manse of evildoing, talking about Coleman's likely strategy of releasing the photo to the blogosphere. Rayna storms in (another entrance!) with Tandy, incensed that they were going to have a meeting about her family without including her. Teddy says that this isn't anything she should be dealing with, while Lamar tells her that they've got it all under control. While she disagrees with the latter claim, she tells Teddy that yes, in fact she shouldn't have to deal with this, and neither should their sweet lovely kids. But Teddy is a gargantuan dumb-ass, so here they are. If the pictures come out, Teddy says, his plan is to hold a press conference and tell the truth about them. I mean, not THE truth. In any case, he'd better get cooking on that press conference because it turns out that the photos are out on DMZ Celebrity News. D'oh!

Oh Lord, part deux. Gunnar meets up with Hailey and is instantly furious that she suggested that Scarlett try out for a band. He wonders why she'd do that, and says that if she's fronting a band it won't be easy for the two of them to write. Hailey disagrees, saying Gunnar should know as well as anyone that bands play at night and they can write during the day. Gunnar accuses her of making decisions about his partnership with Scarlett without asking him. And, whoa. She gave Scarlett a phone number! She didn't break all of her fingers with a mallet. Hailey points out that Gunnar is being a weirdo, and he says that's what's weird is Hailey's attempts to separate him and Scarlett. Okay, that is the least weird thing that has happened with any of these three, ever. Also, what's up with Gunnar's rage problem? Hailey points out that he was a total creeper at the bar the other night, coming to Scarlett's "rescue" and preventing her from having too much fun. He thinks he was being a friend, but Hailey says he was staking a claim. She prefers that her boyfriend be more interested in her than an elfin woodland creature with pointed ears. And then Hailey dumps him! She says it's over, and it's always been over. At least someone on this show has a modicum of sense. That person is not Gunnar, since clearly Hailey is a kick-ass girlfriend and also a fully competent human, which is an ever-increasing rarity in Nashville, apparently.

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