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The Good Wife

Back at the Bluebird, the MC announces that Gunnar and Scarlett will be taking the stage. She did not know about this fantastic surprise, and refuses to go up with Gunnar. So he takes the stage and sings "When the Right One Comes Along" solo. As he sings, we see Rayna head to her bedroom and take off her jacket right underneath the paintings of the girls. See, getting giant portraits like that is only going to make you feel guilty at some point. At the same time, Juliette is having the time of her life saying grace with the Butlers. All the while, Scarlett is serving beer and engaging in her favorite habit of giving stares that are pregnant with meaning. When she hears Gunnar sing a line about knowing where you're supposed to be, she looks as if she might soon need smelling salts.

We then see Teddy with Rayna in their bedroom. She tells him that he stole money from a bank, and he says that he paid it back. She's like, "Um, still a felony!" And then she points out that Teddy, Tandy and Lamar bribed an auditor. He says that they did that to cover up the borrowing of the money. And, duh. Rayna reminds him again that these are crimes, and Teddy says that he did it to protect their family. Rayna calls bullshit, saying that they never needed that money. He did it for himself, she says, which is in fact true. Teddy says that Rayna can still trust him, but she doesn't think so. And I mean, on the one hand, at least he didn't have a coke-fueled orgy with a bunch of teenagers. On the other hand, this whole thing proves him to be a real doofus who can't even manage to do evildoing well. I'm with Rayna on this one. And anything to expedite her affair with Liam is welcome!

Back at the Butler household, Juliette helps with clean-up and thanks Mrs. Butler for having her. Mrs. Butler smiles that WASPy smile and then says, "Well you didn't give us much choice." It BURNS BURNS BURNS. Yes, Mrs. Butler is a stealth bitch. She tells Juliette that they've worked hard to build Sean's brand, and they won't see it tarnished just because he got himself caught up in repairing hers. Can you imagine your mom ever talking about your brand? At least MethMom is trying to be nice when she makes pink macaroni. Juliette tells Mrs. Butler that she and Sean may have met via a publicity arrangement, but she really cares for him. It also means a lot that they had her for dinner, even though Sean's mom was secretly hating on her the whole time. Mrs. Butler says that she's read about Juliette, and read about MethMom, before adding, "You...this family...don't hold your breath, sweetie." That was the emotional equivalent of picking Juliette up and stuffing her back into a trailer. Mean, but well-played.

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