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The Good Wife

Rayna next gets a chance to storm in on Tandy, and ask what's up with the fact that everyone except for her knew that Teddy embezzled $2 million. Tandy says that she didn't know until the beginning of the campaign, and that it all just kind of happened. Rayna pointed out that they'all made this happen, and wonders if her own bamboozlement was a part of the plan. The only thing Rayna knows for sure at this point is that her husband is a thief. She also knows that Tandy is just like their father, and storms out amidst Tandy's protestations.

Meanwhile, Juliette gets a visit from Deacon. She says that "You've Got the Wrong Song" is up to number fifteen on the charts, and Deacon "jokes" that she and Rayna are going to have to do a whole album together. Juliette is all set with that, but would like to write with Deacon again. He's agreeable to it, though says that he might be out of town for a little while since he got the offer to play with The Revel Kings. Juliette freaks out, lending credence to the belief that The Revel Kings are huge. She thinks he'd be crazy not to do it, and thinks he's crazier when he says he's "thinking about it." But that's not really what he's there to talk about. Deacon has a letter from Juliette's mom, which he got from rehab. He's been checking in on her periodically, because he's all sponsor-y and stuff. Juliette doesn't want the letter, and also doesn't want Deacon to talk to Jolene. Deacon says that Jolene is the only family that Juliette has in the world, and wants to make things right. The fact that Juliette isn't returning any of her calls isn't moving their healing process forward at a very rapid rate. He thinks that if Juliette reads the letter she'll see, and she wonders if that means she'll see the fact that she had to eat dried pancake mix as a child because all their money went up Jolene's nose, or that her first kiss was from one of Jolene's creepy boyfriends. That shuts Deacon up for a minute. Juliette says she knows how important family is, because she never had one. She wants Deacon to leave, and also to mind his own damn business and work on his own problems for a change.

At the publisher's place, Scarlett wants to talk to Gunnar. He doesn't regret kissing her, and she doesn't regret wearing a doily for a shirt. Scarlett cops to being confused, and tells Gunnar that even though the head of the publishing house, Jeannie, likes when they write together, their ideas are separate right now. So, in other words, he's not going to be yanking on her weave in coital rapture anytime soon. Scarlett says she needs a little time, which prompts Gunnar to go, "Cool, fine, whatever," in a way that demonstrates he is neither cool nor fine. He wishes her luck in her new band, and doesn't mean that either. Would he not be the weirdest, most controlling boyfriend? Hailey and Scarlett both dodged a bullet on this one.

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