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The Good Wife

We're then with Avery and Marilyn on Domino's plane. Domino reiterates that he's serious about working with Avery -- just Avery. Junior high bonds are made to be broken, and Domino says that they can build Avery up and get him another set of guys. Avery says that he and band member J.T. go way back, but Domino isn't talking about going backwards -- he's talking about going forwards. He walks away and Marilynn stops Avery from going after him, saying that he would be wise not to kill his career before it starts. Though she's a total creeper, I will say that Marilyn seems to be a pretty effective manager.

Meanwhile, Rayna sits by a stream in a park, and Deacon walks over to meet her. She jokes with him about scaling the wall of the bridge like he did all those years ago, indicating that this is a locale they're well familiar with. Rayna thanks Deacon for calling, and he asks if she's okay. She's kind of like, "Eeeeeeh," and Deacon asks if it's true that Teddy had an affair. She says that it's complicated and Deacon gets in a decent dig, saying, "Complicated. That's the last thing I ever thought he was." But Rayna and Teddy still have two daughters who think he hung the moon, which makes things even more complicated. Deacon asks if there's anything he can do, and Rayna smiles as she says no. Even though he could TOTALLY start making out with her right now! But I guess this isn't the right time, blah blah blah. Rayna asks Deacon what's going on, and he tells her about the offer from The Revel Kings. She tells him it sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime and asks if he's going to do it. He doesn't know, and asks what she thinks. Rayna actually shows a little bit of growth by telling him that he needs to go and see what's around the next bend. He guesses they both do, and she says, "Yeaahhhh." The eye-fucking while all this is happening is considerable. The scene ends with Deacon telling Rayna that the girls may think that Teddy makes the world go round, but they wouldn't even have a world without her. It is my constant fear that this show is going to get cancelled before these two get together.

And then we're at Teddy's press conference, and he's denying any sort of affair or wrongdoing. His claim that he was just consoling an old friend sounds much less convincing when followed by the words, "Sadly her accidental overdose...was an outgrowth of that." I mean, jeez. Rayna walks in part way through Teddy's address, and then takes the microphone herself. Her hair looks extra fabulous, which is how we know she means business. She tells the reporters that Teddy is a good father and husband and also a good cook. What he's not, she says, is a cheater. She believes in Teddy's love for her and their children, and says the pictures don't prove anything except the desperation of people who are trying to bring them down. And she's not going to dignify it with further comment. Teddy hugs her and thanks her, and she tells him that she did it for the girls.

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