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The Dog Days Are Over
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Previously: Teddy felt strongly that Maddie was his daughter, no matter whose DNA she shared (not his). Gunnar took on a new, rougher image involving armpit sweat and his dead brother's lyrics and caught the attention of a producer. Rayna eschewed a bonefest in St. Lucia with Liam to show up on Deacon's door and tell him that she loved him. Bonefest ensued. You know you're having a good week when any decision you make results in a bonefest. Tandy proposed an alliance with Cole to take down Teddy, and cowboy neighbor Will put the moves on an unreceptive Gunnar. Finally, Dante stole half a million dollars from Juliette and skipped town with his actual girlfriend/partner in grifting. Oh, AND in fabulous news, Nashville has been renewed for a second season! HOORAY!

We enter with Juliette meeting with a bunch of suits in her new house -- you know, the one she bought from Dante's grifter girlfriend disguised as a real estate agent. This whole place has to burn down (with Dante inside) in a "Sunny Came Home" moment, right? I feel quite certain that Juliette also does not believe in transcendence. The suits are from a security firm, and Juliette hired them because she doesn't want the police involved. Nonetheless, they apparently think she should call the police, given that Dante stole $500,000. Juliette explains that she can make the half a million back in two nights. What she can't do is get her reputation (or what's left of it) back, and it will be totally ruined if word of this gets out. Dante also apparently took Juliette's credit cards. The accounts have been frozen, and the firm is tracing any charges that Dante made overnight. While Emily goes to answer the phone, Juliette reiterates that Dante means nothing to her, and the money means even less. She finally gets some good news when Emily tells her what the call was about -- she's been nominated for female vocalist of the year at the CMAs! Juliette is obviously pleased, and cites the award as further reason why the sad tale of how Dante swindled her with new agey talk and sexytimes can never get out.

You know who's having a much better morning? Rayna and Deacon. We join them in bed together, glowing from their reunion/bonefest the night before. They are so cute as they talk about how she steals the covers that it's actually a little disturbing. I've never seen them be in the same room together and not be at least a little bit tortured! They smooch and we get to see Deacon's hunky arms. They smooch some more, and she says she never wants to leave the bed. Deacon tells her it feels like she didn't. I mean, SOMEONE had to learn some new tricks over the past decade, right? What Rayna has not learned to do, apparently, is silence her phone. It's been ringing off the metaphorical hook. Deacon is like, "Do NOT answer the phone when I'm about to give you a morning sexytime, woman," and tells her he's been waiting 14 years for this so wants her all to himself. She's on board with this plan, until they both realize that it's Maddie on the line. She's called with news of Rayna's CMA nomination for female vocalist of the year. Rayna thinks this is, "Awesome!!!" Maddie adds that Juliette is nominated in the same category. Rayna thinks this is, "...awesome." Maddie wants to stay home from school to go dress shopping, but Rayna is all, "Not today! I'm busy boning your biological dad! Kthxbai!"

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