Why Don’t You Love Me

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The Dog Days Are Over

Rayna gets into said limo, and Deacon pops in from the other side, ordering the driver to go. Apparently he's honked his horn all he can honk it, and is ready to take some action. Rayna wonders what he's doing, and Deacon says that he doesn't know what she's hiding or afraid to tell him, but...(longest ellipses in the world)... it doesn't matter. Yes, that's right, he just said, "it doesn't matter." He's got to at least suspect about Maddie, right? Deacon goes on to say that he and Rayna have so much damn water under their bridge that sometimes it's like they're drowning in it. But the hell with all that, says Deacon! What matters is the two of them, right here, right now. To add to his list of positive traits, he's also a Zen master. Rayna smiles, then cries, and then Deacon accidentally gets his head caught in her giant hoop earring and is strangled to death. No, not true! In fact, he is the one to kill us dead (again!) by saying, "You can tell me everything, or you can tell me nothing at all. But you can't tell me you don't love me because that's the one thing I'll never believe." Rayna confirms that she does indeed love him, a whole lot, and not just because he's letting her get away with keeping a deep, dark secret. And then they bone, as it should be.

And then we're with Gunnar, who is at home listening to his new track on headphones. Scarlett comes in and tries to make conversation. He's not interested, so she pulls the headphone jack out of the stereo. Upon hearing "Gun for a Mouth" she goes, "Well that's different." In a good way! She's just never heard him sing an angry song before. He gives a guilty, "Thanks." Boy, is Jason's ghost ever going to haunt HIM. A second season crossover with American Horror Story might not be the worst thing for this show, actually. When Jessica Lange shows up at Rayna's door with raw liver, we'll know it's on.

And then on to perfection. Rayna and Deacon sit in snuggly-position on his couch. She's wearing one of his shirts and nothing else, and he strums the guitar as they sing a song called "End of the Day." And at first, with its refrain of, "I'll be quitting at the end of the day," I thought this was about, like, quitting time. But in fact it's about quitting drinking and lying. Is this REALLY what they want to sing in their moment of post-coital bliss? And is that why we love them so much? It's like the most harmonic and lovely type of self-flaggelation, complete with a heightened version of their usual eye-fucking. While they sing we get glimpses of a few other characters. Maddie tells Teddy she had the best time at the dance, and also wishes that he and Rayna were still together. Well, you're the only one! Too bad, kid! When you're older and know something about eye fucking with harmony singing you'll understand! Juliette's driver/bodyguard, Bo, brings her stumbling ass in the house and tries to guide her to a seat even though she says she's got it. Scarlett finds Jason's diary while Gunnar sleeps and sees the lyrics to "Gun for a Mouth." She gets a literal shiver because: ghosts. Gunnar wakes up and she confronts him about stealing Jason's song. Again, technically he co-wrote that song. Shadily, but still. Gunnar says it's just a song and walks off. I'm surprised a flock of bluebirds don't come down and peck his ears out on Scarlett's behalf.

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