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The Dog Days Are Over

And then we're back with Rayna and Deacon as they finish the song and kiss. He says this feels so right, and wishes they could have done it years ago. He adds, "Who knows, we might have had a family of our own right now." Well, why don't you just gouge out her guilty heart with a guitar pick? I still choose to believe that Deacon is good at basic addition and subtraction and is just trying to get Rayna to tell him on her own terms what he already suspects. I mean, right?

And then we're home with Juliette. Jolene covers her up with a blanket, and Juliette wonders why she's always there. Happy Mother's Day! Jolene notes that Juliette is drunk (and sloppy, I might add) and Juliette says that the apple doesn't fall far. Jolene tries to give her some water, and Juliette first says that no one can help her before crying and wondering why nobody cares. That is actually a pretty realistic portrayal of, like, me when I'm drunk. Thanks, Show, for understanding. Jolene says that she cares, and then Juliette starts talking about how she could have loved Dante. Speaking of the devil, he calls at that moment. Jolene first tries to confront him, but Juliette grabs the phone, asking what the hell he wants. There is a pause, and we then see her say, "What kind of tape?" Whatever it is, I'm guessing she doesn't want to send it out to the CMA voting members with the bobblehead dolls.

Next week: Dante wants $10 million for the mystery tape; Will and Gunnar get in a fistfight, much to Scarlett's dismay; Teddy doesn't want the girls around Deacon; and, as the announcer tells us, "One will be driven to kill." I didn't get the full dramatic impact of that statement until we heard the gunshots and Juliette's screams.

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