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The Dog Days Are Over

Back at House of Lies, Juliette orders Emily to set up a meeting with Marshall to talk about putting together an extravagant and expensive CMA campaign. She wants the award something fierce. Jolene enters, happy to have heard the nomination news on the radio. Juliette has no time for pleasantries, and orders Emily to take Jolene's credit card. Fucking freeloader that she is, Jolene wonders if Juliette is cutting her off. Juliette explains that it's just a security precaution, and then explains about Dante. Jolene starts to make it all about her, saying that she feels responsible. Juliette doesn't want to hear it, and notes a) that Dante is dead to her; b) that Emily will get Jolene another credit card. Poor Juliette.

And then Rayna is at her own house. WHY would she ever leave Deacon's bed? Poor judgment all around for her this morning! Tandy shows up, having gotten a text from Rayna about some exciting news. That news is that, per their last conversation, Rayna has indeed taken up the slutty thing. But not with Liam! She reveals that she went to Deacon's house last night, and it was great. Tandy shows reserved sisterly constraint as she asks, "...How is it today?" The answer still is "great"! But also complicated. Tandy notes that it's always complicated with Rayna and Deacon. Rayna adds that finally after all these years she and Deacon can be together, but now the "stark realities" are hitting her. Tandy advises her not to borrow trouble, saying that it was a one-night fling. Oh, come on! She knows better than that, and so does Rayna. There is no such thing as a fling with Deacon, unless you are every other woman in the world except for Rayna. Tandy points out that Rayna just got out of a fourteen year marriage. With Rayna and Deacon it's always going to be all or nothing, and Tandy wonders if that's what Rayna wants. She also wonders if it's actually what Deacon wants. Oh my God, duh.

Cut to Deacon's house, where Cole is reading him the riot act out on the stoop. WHAT DOES EVERYONE HAVE AGAINST TRUE LOVE? God. Shut up everyone and let them make out for our enjoyment! Cole says that Deacon had a rock solid thing with Stacey, and he ruined it for one night with Rayna. Sue is there too and you can tell he is against the reunion as well, likely suspecting that Rayna is a cat person. Cole advises Deacon to go to Stacey and beg her forgiveness. Deacon say that Stacey is an amazing girl, but she's no Rayna. Cole says that Rayna is like family to him, but has been nothing but trouble for Deacon since day one. SHE HAS? DAY ONE? I thought the problem was Deacon's long-term lack of sobriety? Speaking of sobriety, Cole gets back on his "Rayna as addiction" train, which is annoying to everyone including Deacon. Deacon wonders if Cole considers his wife, Audrey, as an addiction, or just the love of his life. Cole replies that Audrey hasn't been messing with his mind all these years. Now that was harsh. This point obviously resonates with Deacon, who can only say, "It's different this time." As a total Rayna Jaymes apologist, I will say that I don't think she's been messing with his mind deliberately. Right? Whatever. True love! Shut up, Cole and let them get back to boning. Cole asks if Deacon is willing to blow up his whole life without knowing for sure. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Now can we PLEASE get back to them making out?

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