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The Dog Days Are Over

And then we are with Emily and Juliette and a fleet of Juliette Barnes bobble-head dolls. Juliette wants a bobble-head to go to every CMA member, along with a little bottle of Dom Perignon (which she happens to be drinking at that very moment, but super-sized). Emily points out that there are 7500 CMA members, and at $100 a pop -- plus the money that Dante took -- she's going to be out over a million dollars. Juliette tells her to order the bottles. I'm guessing she's going to wind up broke sometime in the second season, without even a Cumberland deal to blame.

Gunnar meets with the producer guy, who still loves "Gun for a Mouth." He was less excited about the other tracks Gunnar sent him -- you know, the songs that Gunnar actually wrote. He wants to focus on Gunnar's "raw, crazy side" and not the schmoopy ballads, and sets up recording time for the following night.

And then, OH SHIT. Deacon returns to his house to find Stacey there. This is why you never give anyone a key! While Deacon has been finding the boy in the boat with Rayna, Stacey has been teaching Sue how to sit. She starts to clean up Deacon and Rayna's breakfast dishes, which is too much for even Deacon in his post-coital bliss to handle. To twist the knife in further, Stacey apologizes to Deacon for not calling him, saying she needed a little time. She THEN says she was being stupid and overreacted. To his credit, Deacon gets straight to the point, shakes his head, and tells her she wasn't overreacting. This is not... exactly... what Stacey expected to hear. Things get weird, and Stacey has to ask if Deacon is ending their relationship. Um, yes. Don't let the door hit you in the ass when you leave! Stacey realizes that she wasn't being paranoid about Rayna, and then makes the horrible mistake of asking Deacon if he had sex with her. You know it's all Deacon can do not to say, "Yes, and it was magnificent." Instead, he tells Stacey that it's more than just sex. Stacey knows exactly what it is, which is Rayna deciding she has to have Deacon back after he finally decided to make a life for himself. It is NOT that. Okay, well, maybe a little. You know, upon repeated viewings it does become a little more difficult to be a full-blown Rayna apologist. I think the cure for that is to watch them making out in that storage room again. (Okay, confirmed, it works. True love!) Stacey gives Deacon the old, "We could have had something / We did have something," and walks to the door. Sue follows her, and Deacon tells Stacey to take the dog since he'll be a whole lot better off with her. And I know people got mad at Deacon for giving away the dog, but I think it's a good call even if it comes off as a consolation prize. This man has no business with a pet.

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