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The Dog Days Are Over

And then we're with a trying-too-hard Teddy and pouty Maddie at the father-daughter dance, watching other happy families dance to Juliette Barnes songs. She wants to go home, he wants her to know how much she means to him, and says that the day she was born was the best day of his life. Maddie shows she has her mother's penchant for zingers by saying, "What about the day Daphne was born?" So, busted. He promises that when she's older she'll understand some of this "parent stuff." Maddie already does, saying, "You guys are both weird." He tries to hug her to no avail, and asks for just one dance. She agrees, then once on the floor he busts out some major dorky dance moves. She giggles, and all of their problems are resolved. Dorky dads of the world, please do not think that this is at all realistic.

Back at the riverboat party, Marshall wonders where the heck Dante is, and tells Juliette to make sure he calls him tonight. Juliette is forced to admit that she fired him, or he quit, but in any case is gone. Marshall suggests that she call Glenn, since she'll need someone to help her out for award season. Juliette downs another glass of champagne and asserts that she does not need anybody. Marshall asks how many drinks she's had, and in response Juliette grabs another.

Gunnar has nailed his demo in the studio, and the producer asks if he has more like that. In turn, Gunnar pulls out Jason's journal. He couldn't even type that shit up on a piece of paper? Sloppy work. He'd better hope the producer doesn't flip to the cover where it says, "Jason's diary! Keep out!" The producer thinks that it's pretty dark stuff, which is an anomaly for modern country music. He notes that, looking at Gunnar, he doesn't see much of an outlaw. He asks if the raw stuff is just a persona, or if it's true. Gunnar says it's all true, except where the statue of limitations doesn't apply. The producer looks nervous until Gunnar says he's just messing with him. And, like, three things here. First of all, Gunnar obviously wrote the music for these songs so it's not like he had nothing to do with them. Two, it doesn't really matter if all of the stuff is true or not. Was Alicia Keys ever REALLY on fire? No. I mean, that song is terrible regardless, but still. Three, I think it would actually be MORE compelling for Gunnar to just admit that he's bringing his dead brother's lyrics to life. People love that shit. In any case, I'm starting to believe that Gunnar is not merely a secret dick, but also dumb as a box of Scarlett's weave.

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