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We're Number One
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Previously: Rayna and Juliette did a number together at the Ryman, which caused visions of dollar signs to dance in Marshall Evans's head. MethMom went to rehab, with a hand from Deacon. Rayna needed to be letting Deacon go, and in the process turned to hotshot rock star Liam McGuinness to help rediscover her voice (and perhaps other parts). We met Gunnar's jailbird big brother, who hawked Gunnar's Gibson, bought a gun, and went on the lam. Teddy actually won the mayoral election, thus ensuring Nashville a nomination for the "Worst Mayor in America" prize. And, finally, the lead singer of The Revel Kings was positioned to "press his advantage" with Scarlett, causing Deacon to a) throw him into a table; b) quit the band.

We enter in Dallas, where Rayna and Juliette are performing "Wrong Song" as their show-closer. The crowd is loving it, and Rayna is loving is the opportunity to rock out in exceptionally close proximity to Liam. They lean against each other for a while, then he gets on his knees in front of her for a solo. Juliette and her enormous boobs try to hone in on the moment, to no avail. And whatever happens later, I still maintain that a man who can fully ignore that cleavage has some modicum of unassailable integrity. As the bridge starts, Rayna runs her hands through Liam's hair and Juliette has to elbow her to: to a) remind Rayna that she exists; b) get her to pay any attention to the fact that they're supposed to be interacting with one another at this point. To get out of the bridge, Rayna does a super high kick in Liam's direction and leaves Juliette to touch the hands of front row audience members until the song is through.

Juliette storms off the stage, complaining to Glen that this is the third consecutive night in which Rayna and Liam have acted like she's not even there. Wasn't she the one who initially put forth the condition that they not pretend to like each other during collaborative ventures? Glen doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, but promises to say something to them. Juliette's plane is waiting, and she is less than thrilled to learn that Rayna is hitching a ride with them back to Nashville for their big "Congrats on your number one record!" party. And speaking of Rayna, Bucky gives her an extra big smile for killing it onstage before introducing her to Calista Reeve, president of Countless Records. Calista flew in from LA to see Rayna, and is obviously a fan. Liam gives Calista a hug, indicating that Countless is his label as well. Calista wants to talk to Rayna about what's next in her career, but since Rayna has to hurry up and jump on Juliette's plane back to Nashville she says she'd love to talk to Calista at some later point.

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