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We're Number One

As Calista and Bucky walk off together, Liam and Rayna have some sort of post-show hormonal moment, with Liam looking at Rayna like the Big Bad Wolf and saying, "She wants you... can't say I blame her." They kind of lean into each other for a second before Bucky is all, "Hey you guys ONE OF WHOM IS MARRIED what's going on?" and shoos them toward the plane. And I know some of you think Rayna is kind of a skeez, but really, if you had spent the past twelve years married to an embezzler husband whom you maybe didn't even really like all that much AND had to deal with freaking Deacon making you feel sad and tormented all the time, wouldn't you take advantage of the opportunity to get your flirt on with a young, hot rock star slash collaborator? Carpe diem, says I.

Oh God, and then we have to deal with Scarlett and Gunnar. They're writing, and she's singing like a cartoon porcupine, per usual. And then their house catches on fire and they both die agonizing, painful deaths and we are able to enjoy the show ever so much more! Oh, wait, that was just a dream I had. I must note that Scarlett's lip-syncing, in this scene and generally, is just slightly less naturalistic than the cast of Kids Incorporated. Gunnar's guitar goes out of tune for the umpteenth time and Scarlett asks, "Where's your Gibson at?" The "at" at the end only adds to her ever-increasing southern realness. Gunnar says that he loaned it to somebody who loaned it to somebody, so clearly they've talked a lot and gotten really close about family stuff since the last episode. Scarlett is maybe a little drunk, or just dumb per usual, and tells Gunnar that he's one of the good ones. This gives him yet another chance to be tortured about the fact that nice guys finish last. He's frustrated that no one has cut one of their tracks yet, and Scarlett suggests that they could sing the tracks themselves, perhaps at the upcoming Winter Fest. But Winter Fest, says Gunnar, wouldn't be Scarlett's thing, largely because Avery's playing it. Also, adds your recapper Potes, it's TOMORROW, and wouldn't that take a little bit of planning? Scarlett gives an unconvincing, "Awesome," as she goes to get more beer.

Speaking of Avery, he's setting up for a performance, and Marilyn tells him that he's got a $1,000 guarantee for the Winter Fest show tomorrow. That's $1,000 more than the last show he played, so he seems happy. He's also gotten an invite to Rayna and Juliette's "Wrong Song" party so he can schmooze a bit. As Avery says that Marilyn is giving Dominic a run for his money, she tells him that Dominic might have given him a car, but she's giving him a career. I guess his getting firm with her actually worked, or at least better than all the other times he's gotten "firm" with her in a different, grodier context. A backdrop reading, "The Avery Barkley Band" is put in place, and Avery wants to lose the "The" and "Band," because he's a one-man guy now.

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