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We're Number One

And then we're home with Rayna and the girls, who are in their PJs and thrilled to see her. Daphne and Maddie have lost a tooth and a cleat, respectively, since she's been gone. Teddy comes in to deliver a gift that came for Rayna (not from him) and tells her that she didn't have to sleep in the guest room overnight, not recognizing that she probably WANTED to sleep in the guest room. The box is from Calista, who is looking forward to talking and thinks that for starters, Rayna needs her own plane. Rayna agrees that she DOES need her own plane, fully stocked with her very own bean dip, and lifts a little model plane bearing a diamond-encrusted watch out of the box. Teddy wonders if he should be jealous, because he's kind of a tool to begin with and still extremely insecure even though he's the mayor elect. He asks what's going on... with their relationship. They're putting on a good face for the girls, he says, but they're sleeping in separate bedrooms and haven't made love in months. Yeah, like 48 months. He wonders if they're trying to fix things or not, and Rayna isn't really sure yet. And really, let her go try on her new sparkly thing! How rude.

While Rayna is making breakfast in her PJs, getting expensive gifts, and deflecting questions from her soon-to-be ex-husband, MethMom is nervously getting ready for her court appearance. Her lawyer is trying for a plea deal, in which she'll admit she's guilty (to doing whatever shady thing she was doing at the bus stop), and as long as she completes rehab all charges will be dropped. Deacon shows up, and it turns out that he agreed to speak on her behalf. But given the recent article implying that he's a drunk who can't keep a job, Deacon doesn't know if his presence is going to do her any favors. Juliette takes a moment to note that the Tremolo piece was absolute crap, saying that she grew up knowing what "not sober" looks like, and it isn't Deacon. Jolene is all, "...Thanks. Great timing." And anyway, Deacon thinks that it would be better if Juliette spoke on her mother's behalf, something she is quite reluctant to do even though the lawyer thinks it's a good idea since she's the person most affected by Jolene's sobriety or lack thereof. There is no can of bean dip in the world large enough to make Juliette do this willingly.

Back at the Conrad/Jaymes manse, the girls have returned from Maddie's soccer game, which apparently didn't go so well. Calista is there, too, and she and Rayna head off to talk while Teddy comforts Maddie on her poor performance. Awww, he is a good dad. Rayna appreciates that Calista was amenable to meeting at her house, so she'd have more time to spend with the girls, even though it seems like it's really giving Teddy more time to spend with the girls. Calista understands, because she's a mom too. And, she says looking over at Teddy, the breadwinner. Damn, that man can't even get any respect when he's the freaking MAYOR. And shouldn't he have some job-related things to do now? Is being mayor of a major American city actually that easy?

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