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Anyway, Calista relates to Rayna in a powerful-working-mom way that the folks at Edgehill never did, and Rayna says she spent years hitting her head against the wall trying to get them to understand. This is something that Liam apparently shared with Calista when he sent her his and Rayna's demos. Rayna had no idea that he sent those tracks, and says they weren't ready to go out. But Calista thinks they were ready enough. Both Calista and Liam thinks it's time for a change for Rayna. Although "Wrong Song" is great and put Rayna on the map again, Calista says that she need not be pressured into doing duets with some prefab primadonna who came up overnight and can be gone overnight with only a can of bean dip to assuage the pain of her descent. No offense. Rayna of course loves anyone who says mean things about Juliette, so is REALLY enjoying this pitch. Calista knows that it's hard to leave, but she says that doesn't make staying right. Rayna looks over to Teddy, who is sweetly helping Daphne with her homework, and says that it feels like she has a lifetime investment. And really, why would Rayna feel any allegiance to Marshall Evans? He was a total dick to her when she wasn't making him mad bank! Plus, says Calista, he's a bean counter who will never get what Rayna is trying to do creatively. Calista says that Liam can vouch for her -- she wants to be Rayna's partner. Plus, free plane!

Then we're with Avery, who is performing his thousand dollar gig at Winter Fest, held at Belmont College. I guess it doesn't get very wintry in Nashville, since the hot college girls in the audience are wearing Avery Barkley Band tank tops. And speaking of, the "The" and "Band" are still on the banner, so maybe he's not quite such a big shot yet. Scarlett is in the audience, dressed in a homeless lady's knit hat and baggy sweater. All she needs is a hacky sack to fit in with this mid-'90s college crowd! Is Phish the headliner? I guess the hat is a disguise, even though the scraggly weave poking out of it gives her away. I was going to say that at least the weave is a step above white person dreadlocks, but I'm actually not so sure. Scarlett walks away, pouting, before also finding JT in the audience. That is the kind of shit I would totally do, so I can't really blame these two for hate-watching their collective ex. They agree to hoist up their dignity and get out of there.

In court, Jolene's lawyer tells the judge that she's not a criminal, but a person with a disease. And she's in treatment, with only 21 days left to go. Basically, they tried to make her go to rehab and she said yes, yes, yes, and that should count for something in the judicial world. Juliette has agreed to speak on her mother's behalf, which obviously is going to go GREAT. Deacon tells her to speak from the heart, which is a mistake given that her heart is just shy of The Grinch's pre-transformation size. Juliette tells the judge that her mother has been an addict for as long as she can remember. She's glad that Jolene is getting the help that she needs, and adds that there's no one who hopes this sticks more than she does. And that's all that Juliette has to say. And, I mean, you can't blame her for that either. Her childhood brain development was probably somewhat stunted by the constant diet of pink macaroni, lead paint chips, and secondhand crack, so an eloquent speech is a lot to ask.

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