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Friday Night Flights
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Previously: Juliette stole a bottle of nail polish and a few fans captured it on camera, putting her entire team into a serious PR tailspin. We discovered that Teddy and Peggy's relationship was one of co-embezzlers, though she apparently wanted it to be that of romantically entangled co-embezzlers. And their habit of setting up clandestine meetings in out of the way public settings caught up with them as someone with a serious zoom lens took several incriminating photos. Meanwhile, Rayna tried her hand at solo writing to great success, and Deacon spent a night in jail after a fistfight with a Bluebird heckler. He also surrendered a bottle of Oxy (taken from Juliette's mom, of course) to his sponsor, Cole, without having taken any. It sure sounds like he thought about it, though.

We enter with an event at the zoo. The literal zoo. The camera pans down to Juliette who, with a giant fake smile, turns to Makena and says that she doesn't understand how this is supposed to help her public image. I mean, furry critters, duh. Though I suppose if that's all it takes, she could just go hang out with Scarlett and call it community service. Makena notes that there are studies showing that people care about animals more than they do about reality TV starlets or the poor. She says that like it's a bad thing! Juliette hopes this is the last dumb PR thing she has to do, and points out that Makena hasn't let her have any fun in three weeks. Three whole weeks! What a tortured life she leads. Juliette appears not to be so much of an animal enthusiast, and says if any of the adorable baby critters take a crap on her head, she'll be very upset. Maybe it would actually make her hair look better though?

The event announcer welcomes special guest Sean "Tim Tebow" Butler, and Juliette reluctantly claps. Sean, who is a rookie NFL quarterback, talks about how his grandma took him to the zoo every Saturday... or at least every Saturday until Pop Warner football started. Juliette can't believe what a square this guy is, and glares at him like he's a reincarnated Osmond. She thinks he must be doing something to rehabilitate his image, too, but it turns out he's just a nice guy and this it's his fundraiser. Sean comes over to introduce himself to Juliette, and foists a baby marsupial on her while he's at it. As it climbs on her head and flashbulbs start going off, Juliette does not appear to be amused. I do think it's just trying to adjust her weave, though.

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