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Friday Night Flights

Meanwhile, Avery is enjoying a glass of wine by candlelight at Marilyn's house. He says that he's been at this ("this" being music, and not trying to get it up to land a manager) for a while, and thinks that his music speaks for itself. Marilyn asks what, in that case, he's doing at her apartment late at night. Being sexually harassed, I'd say! And then she kisses him. He begrudgingly moves his lips in response. And honestly, if they really wanted to up the ante on the creepy sexual predator casting couch scenario, they needed, like, Bea Arthur to play this role. THEN what are you going to do, Avery? (And yes, Bea Arthur should be cast FROM THE GRAVE.) Marilyn and Avery continue to make out and finally get horizontal (with her on top, of course), but as she starts to undo his pants, he gets up and says he can't do it. See, he does have a conscience! Avery leaves, and Marilyn settles back to finish her wine like it ain't no thing. What a weirdo.

And then Deacon shows up at Cole's campaign headquarters to apologize for the whole pill situation. He offers to call the paper and tell them what happened, and that Cole is his sponsor. Cole points out that the second "A" is for "Anonymous," and the program doesn't work otherwise. He knows he should have thrown out the pills, and probably didn't because it is actually really complicated to throw out medicine now! Cole assures Deacon that this is not his fault, and they shake hands. Neither of these two can catch a break eh?

Back at the tree trunk, Avery returns home to extra crittered-out mad Scarlett, who immediately asks, "Did you sleep with that woman?" Avery acts surprised, and Scarlett asks if he knew that's what Marilyn wanted. He says, truthfully, that he did not sleep with her, and not quite truthfully that if he knew she was trying to bone him he wouldn't have gone over there in the first place. He goes on about how he'd never put himself in that situation, and Scarlett points out that he tends to overexplain when he's lying. She tries to rush out and Avery grabs her. He says that he didn't do anything, which is all that matters, but she is quite a bit less than thrilled that he was planning to cheat on her to get a job. Well, despite her experience, a publishing deal doesn't magically fall down from the sky for everyone! Avery wonders why he's being punished for doing the right thing, and she screams that nothing about this was the right thing. Scarlett storms out, likely heading to find something to nibble on for comfort.

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