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Friday Night Flights

Awww, and then we see Scarlett show up with a suitcase at Deacon's house. She's quite sad, but says it's better to find out that Avery chooses his ambition over her now rather than later. Deacon tells her that she can stay as long as she needs to, then goes back to strumming on his front porch and ruminating upon their family curse.

Elsewhere, Teddy sits in the dark and learns that his poll numbers and donations are all up. The paper has called to ask if he wants to make a comment about Cole's run-in with the law. Teddy says "no comment," which at first I read as being above the fray. Upon reflection, though, a comment in support of Cole might have been an upstanding, conscious-clearing move. Speaking of Cole, he's talking to his wife about the photos of Teddy and Peggy. Apparently Teddy and Peggy dated for years before he met Rayna. If the photos leak out, Cole says, it will ruin Teddy and Rayna's marriage, and Rayna will never forgive him. His wife points out that Cole doesn't owe Rayna or her family a damn thing, and Teddy doesn't deserve to be the mayor of Nashville. It feels wrong to Cole, but his wife says that sometimes you have to do a little wrong to do a greater good.

In that spirit, Avery shows up at Marilyn's door. She doesn't seem all that surprised to see him. It was awfully nice of Scarlett to break up with him so he could lay on the casting couch with a clear conscience!

Next time: Rayna and Juliette duet! Yes!

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