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Friday Night Flights

Back at the studio, Rayna asks Bucky what he thinks of Liam McGuinnis. Bucky thinks that Liam McGuinnis is a non-starter, and a crazy rock star to boot. But he's a recent Nashville transplant, and even though he doesn't know a thing about country music, he's really hot right now. Rayna seems sold by the fact that he has a dog named after June Carter-Cash (country enough!), and asks Bucky to get her a meeting. He looks dubious, but resigned to doing what she says.

Meanwhile, things are looking up for Juliette thanks to her photo with Sean and the head-climbing marsupial. She is not so thrilled that this particular photo has gone viral, given the "large rodent" on her head, but Makena says that it's just what they needed and that Sean Butler is the best thing to happen to Juliette in ages. Juliette disagrees, saying that Sean is boring and sucks at football. Glen defends him as being a rookie, though it seems that Juliette doesn't think he's a rookie at being boring. Makena wants Juliette to go on a date with Sean, and thought Juliette is reluctant Glen thinks it's a small sacrifice to save her career. Plus, what else is she doing aside from hanging around her new house and being a bitch? Whenever Juliette argues with someone, they basically just have to call her a klepto and she agrees to whatever they propose.

And then it's time to check in with Avery and his band as they perform at The 5 Spot. Reed Olsen is there, and so is another lady who seems to take a very keen interest in Avery's performance. And of course Scarlett is in the audience bopping along in her typical haze of cluelessness. The song that Avery is playing is called "Kiss," and the whole performance is great. The song's fantastic, the band sounds good, and Avery seems to have a healthy quantity of charisma and a sweet falsetto. Reed seems relatively impressed by the performance, while the other lady is more keenly interested than ever. Scarlett of course thought the whole thing was superior even to a hot buttered acorn.

Avery walks up and introduces himself to Reed, who is rather complimentary. It turns out that Reed is looking for someone to open for The Lumineers when they come to town, and Avery thinks that the Avery Barkley Band would be the perfect choice. Reed wonders if Avery really thinks they're ready for that, and of course Avery does. Reed shakes his hand, says it was great to hear him play, and leaves. Scarlett and Avery are both confused as to whether Reed actually liked the band, and the Very Interested Lady interrupts to say that he did, but is a coward who never really knows if he likes anything until ten people in town tell him that he does. This lady is Marilyn Rhodes, and she's a manager who is interested in representing Avery and his band. She thinks he could be HUGE. And by "he" she means his penis. Thus, the keen interest. Marilyn gives Avery a card, tells him to call her, and notes that she and Reed go back a long way, and she thinks Avery would make a great opener for The Lumineers. If either Avery or Scarlett had a brain, they might wonder why, if Marilyn and Reed are so friendly, they were sitting five feet away from one another and never exchanged a word.

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