You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)

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Friday Night Flights

And then we are in the marginally friendly skies with Juliette and Sean, who are heading to Miami. It turns out Sean was there last week, for yet another disastrous football game. Juliette sure does know a lot about football, which helps to facilitate a connection between the two of them -- albeit a mean, spiteful one. She tells Sean that she has a friend in Miami who can get them into The Balcony. Sean wonders which balcony, which leads Juliette to note that he really doesn't get out much. She asks if he's ever been drunk, and he says that he doesn't drink. She shows a whole lot of restraint in not asking if he's a virgin. Sean gives a full-body reach over Juliette after she calls him a choirboy, and she totally thinks he's going to put the moves on her. However, he's just grabbing her guitar, much to her chagrin. She gets considerably more positive about the situation when he starts playing the chords to the black mascara tears song, and they have an impromptu sing-along. Apparently the way to a musician's heart is constant flattery. Sean points out that everyone is inadvertently having a good time, as Juliette trades in her plastered-on flirtatious smile for a look of mild intrigue.

Elsewhere in musical endeavors, Rayna is telling Liam how much she loves his sound, and that she's looking for a sound that's going to snap people's heads around and grab them by their ears and hold them down until she lets them go. Apparently she wants to get arrested for assault, now? Liam points out that she can't just put mandolins through distortion and call it rock, and she tells him that she's not putting her career and record deal on the line just to do some half-assed midlife crisis record. With all of her hits and fame, she says, she's gotten further and further away from why she became a musician in the first place -- to share her truth with people. The truth about how she wants to bone Deacon and/or is an American beauty? And now she's trying to find her voice with Liam's help. She says sometimes you have to blow up the box, and he offers her a drink. But it's getting late, and Rayna has to go home to her kids and husband and whatnot. Liam says that you can't make music on a schedule, because he's That Guy. Rayna talks about the constant buzz in her head from trying to manage a deadbeat husband, two kids, a Mephistophelian father, and inscrutable conversations with her ex-love, and Liam proposes drowning it out with some shots. And really, Rayna deserves a good night out.

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