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Don't Call Me Daughter
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Previously on Nashville: Rayna confessed to Liam that her vocal cords haven't been the same since her car accident; Deacon got a savvy court-appointed attorney and she was hot, of course; 19-year-old Layla Grant got a contract with Edgehill; Will sang one of Gunnar's songs at a big event; Juliette played a schmancy private concert for a rich couple and banged the husband; Maddie found out that Deacon was her father and hated Rayna a whole bunch; and Tandy learned that Lamar may have been involved in her mother's death. Jeez, that's a lot of stuff!

We begin this episode at the cemetery where Rayna, Tandy, and the girls have come to honor Rayna's mother Virginia on her birthday. Maddie is distracted, listening to one of Deacon's songs on headphones. The song is called "A Life That's Good," and Maddie asks Rayna if Deacon wrote it about her. She admits that he did and looks a twinge uncomfortable as she asks Maddie to take off the headphones and pay tribute to Mamaw with the rest of them. Maddie says in a bratty manner that she didn't even know her grandmother. Rayna comes up with the brilliant idea to take this teenage nightmare (along with Daphne, who is just perfect, always) to the Symphony Gala, where they'll get to listen to beautiful music and dress up like princesses. Daphne is all for it, but Maddie's reaction is, "Big whoop." Maybe it's time to send her off to boarding school?

We then cut to Juliette pulling into her driveway in one fancy car, and finding Glen there standing by yet another fancy car. She says in a deadpan way that she's definitely paying him too much, but it turns out the car is for Juliette and is a thank you gift from Charlie Wentworth. Nothing like getting an elaborate present from the guy you boned on his fifth anniversary to make you feel awesome about yourself! Juliette wonders if Rayna's people have been in touch about when they can start the Red Lips White Lies tour back up, but there has been no word. Glen wonders if Rayna's not up for it, but Juliette points that she's been well enough to plug her label all over town. Glen notes that she didn't sing at the stockholders showcase, and Juliette rather meanly points out that her throat might still be sore from the intubation, but that's what lip syncing is for. Glen doesn't want to push too hard, but Juliette wants to push both Rayna AND sales of her album. And I mean, we never really thought Juliette would be a sympathetic friend, much less a sympathetic frenemy, did we?

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