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Night 27. The tribe returns from voting out Leif at Tribal Council. Tarzan interviews that there are only two men left and it's hopeless unless he wins Immunity. He adds that his plan is to do what the women tell him to do regarding voting and hope that he's part of their alliance. Alicia and Kim whisper about how Troy is just doing everything he can to stay. Kim interviews that Troy throwing her name out was "a curveball" and she wasn't planning on being a target this early. She adds that this vote solidified the women's alliance so she needs to stay calm and keep everyone happy. Troy interviews that Tarzan is voting with the women, so he's still a man alone even though the women think he has an Idol. So his plan is to just win every Immunity challenge. He might want to work on a back-up plan in case that doesn't work out. Although I guess his back-up plan is, "Get voted out."

Day 28. Alicia and Troy walk into camp with Treemail. Alicia reads that today's Reward Challenge isn't physical and the reward will mean getting away. They talk about how the winner might get to choose other people to bring and Kat interviews that she thinks it's time that she gets to go on a reward. First of all, shouldn't she hope to win herself? And second, why is it her turn?

Later, Kat says to Kim, "You're picking me, right?" Way to put her on the spot. Kat interviews that she and Kim have a great relationship, so she thinks they will pick one another if either of them wins. Here's the thing: everyone (but Troy) thinks that she or he has a great relationship with Kim. It's why Kim is running the show. Anyway, Kim says that she doesn't want Troy, Alicia and Christina back at camp together while she's gone, since they would get up to things. Kim mutters something about taking Kat and Alicia, but I didn't see any kind of pinky swear that she would take Kat. Then again, she didn't say that she WOULDN'T take Kat.

This Reward Challenge is creepy! As the tribe enters, they see large voodoo dolls that represent each tribe member. Probst explains that they each had to answer questions and the goal now will be to answer as the majority of the tribe answered. Getting an answer right means the chance to chop someone else's rope. Three chops and that person's doll will burn, meaning that they're out of the running. This is basically like that defunct board game, "True Colors." My friends and I used to play it in college and it ALWAYS led to fights. One time my roommate got so mad that she quit playing and went in the kitchen and banged pots and pans around and slammed cupboards. Another time, my guy friend's roommate threw a chair across the room. Shit got personal! So the producers are obviously trying to shake things up. Anyway, the winner gets a helicopter ride to a private beach and a picnic lunch.

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