Puppy Maddness

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Night. Mall dog store. They look at poor puppy mill puppies, watching and laughing. One of the dogs is eating its own poop. Jessica says she's going to puke. They start to go, and Jessica keeps talking about it. "I don't want a dog anymore," Jessica says. Ha.

Next time on. Jessica talks with a friend about an upcoming ski trip; she doesn't have ski clothes. "Nick's horrible," she says. Then out at dinner, Nick says that this is the trip where it's all going to make sense to him -- he's got a newfound clarity about skiing. Everyone looks skeptical. CUT TO: Mountain. Nick skis terribly as Jessica tries to talk him through it. Then he falls and throws his poles and take his skis off, done. "I have no desire to do this," he says, frustrated. Ha. And that's it. See ya!

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