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Maggie doesn't understand why no one is yelling at her. Probably because everyone realizes that Maggie can't learn anything from what she did so lecturing her about it is pointless. Jim offers to give her money for a cab home. Maggie says she has to go to Don's apartment to apologize to him, though she's not sure for what. "I'll make it work, through sheer force of will," she says. Because that's the attitude you want to have four months into a relationship. Also, "you should shut up more than you do, do people tell you that?" Maggie says to her boss. "No," Jim says, smiling as if Maggie is somehow charming. She isn't. Jim calls Tess over to deal with Maggie and then decides to warn the staff: "Fuck up again like this? I'm gonna get mad." Two random women congratulate him on taking a stand.

And Will gives Neal a call to ask him if he can find that illegal immigrant from the Spokane alt-weekly and offer to pay for a cab to take him to and from work. Will will foot the bill, but doesn't want anyone else to know. Neal's first thought: "Let me post this on your blog!" Yes, because Will cares so much about that blog. "No," Will says, "keep my name out of it." So Neal just has to tell MacKenzie about it and she'll have accidentally emailed the entire world with the news by noon tomorrow.

Speaking of MacKenzie, she's at the bar too, off in a dark corner getting drunk. Neal hands her the phone upon Will's request. It's bad enough that people keep having personal conversations next to this guy's desk, now they're using his phone to do it? The alcohol seems to have calmed MacKenzie down somewhat, and she starts to apologize sincerely to Will for everything until he cuts her off to say that he is "in." He hangs up and admires the view from his balcony. Which is, of course, the Statue of Liberty. You know, just in case you couldn't tell that tonight's episode was brought to you by America and freedom and immigration and cheese.

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