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MacKenzie yammers on about doing a "real news show." Will interrupts her to inform everyone that he learned all of their names last night. He is ignored. MacKenzie says the show is going to open with the new Arizona immigration bill and thinks everyone should know that Will supports it because he is not a liberal, but a "closet moron." Yeah, that's a great attitude, Miss "I Want To Do Real News Well." Call anyone who disagrees with your politics a moron.

Will would rather get a round of applause for memorizing everyone's names, only to hear from Don that most of the names he memorized are people who don't even work for him anymore. Mohammed al Mohammed al Mohammed bin Bizir, for example, left ACN for Fox, which should show you right away how much ACN must suck if MoalmoalmoBB would rather work at Fox. It also shows you how much Sorkin sucks, since this is yet another one of his recycled bits. I guess that Top Baby Names of the 50s book Sorkin gets most of his names from didn't have a Muslim section, so he had to re-use this one. Will is shocked that Fox would hire someone with three Mohammeds in his name. Speaking of names Will has a problem with, he has a staffer named "Gary Cooper," which is also the name of a famous movie star from back in that time that everything was awesome because old white men kept us informed.

MacKenzie gets the attention back by reading an important message from IT about in-house emails: "Auto-complete has been enabled on your Outlook." MacKenzie has no idea what this could possibly mean. Neal is the Computer Guy, what with his official blog position, and explains that if you put an asterisk in front of a group name, the email will be forwarded to the entire group. MacKenzie still doesn't get it because it doesn't really make any sense, so Neal asks her to demonstrate by sending a random email to someone. MacKenzie fires one off to Will, taking ten minutes to do so because she can't just write "test" in the subject and body like anyone else would. "I'm typing it. I'm still typing it." "What are you doing now?" Will deadpans. That old guy who looks a lot like Rodney Dangerfield LOVED that line.

MacKenzie sends the email off and every single person in the meeting's phone starts beeping because none of these people thought to put their phones on vibrate while they were in a meeting. MacKenzie just stares with her mouth agape, completely dumbfounded. Neal explains that MacKenzie managed to put an asterisk and the letter S instead of Will's name in the "to" prompt, thereby sending the email to everyone on the staff list. Yes, because it's so easy to accidentally hit the * and the S instead of a W and then *S looks so much like a W that you wouldn't even notice if you mistyped. Will decides to read MacKenzie's email out loud: "Will McAvoy is a closet bigot who hates immigrants even though this country was founded by immigrants." Very professional, MacKenzie.

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