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"WE'D BE PUTTING HIM THERE SO WE CAN FEEL SORRY FOR HIM!" MacKenzie suddenly exclaims, all worked up. "We should feel sorry for him," Neal says. "We should feel sorry for the guy whose job he took," Will mutters. "I don't want to feel sorry for anybody! I want the facts!" MacKenzie says. And while I can see both Neal and Will's point here, I can't really see MacKenzie's. Facts tend to be meaningless to most human beings if they can't see how those facts relate to their lives, or at least to the life of another human being. Meaningless and boring.

Post-meeting, Don asks MacKenzie why she's cutting the two most popular segments on the show: PopWatch and Today on YouTube. Really? Today on YouTube? MacKenzie wants to listen to Don's complaint but gets distracted by a pretty girl on the TV screen talking about durable goods reports.

Jim tracks Maggie down and asks her if they can do a "practice run" before she calls the Governor Brewer's spokesperson for the pre-interview. Maggie bristles, saying she doesn't think she needs to be supervised. Oh really? Because last I heard, she got this associate producer job like yesterday. "I've been here a year. You've been here three days," Maggie says. Jim doesn't care. He asks her if she's "really considering" moving to the new 10 o'clock show. "Don made some compelling arguments," says the woman who three days ago got promoted for her loyalty. That loyalty is the only thing she seems to be decent at, and now she sucks at that.

Maggie thinks building a show from scratch could be a good experience. "Okay," Jim says with a laugh. Maggie, suddenly angry because people on this show's emotions turn on a freaking dime, thinks Jim thinks she's making a choice based on her relationship and cares more about marriage than her career. Jim has no idea what she's talking about. Enough talking then happens that Maggie agrees to do the phone call run through. That's when she finds out that the guy she'll be speaking with is named Glen Fisher. THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER. Actually, it's important right now, but Maggie doesn't say anything about it.

Jim walks Maggie through the basics and she gets mad again. "I've done this before," she growls. Oh really? Because the only time we've seen her talk to anyone on the phone, she couldn't figure out how to use the hold button and she almost decapitated herself on the headset cord. So I can understand Jim's lack of faith in her. Instead of just dealing with the fact that the people who are in charge of her might want to make sure she knows what she's doing before trusting her with the pre-interview for the lead story of the show, she keeps being sarcastic and angry until Jim asks her what her problem is. "I have no idea why I'm being mean to you." "Do you think you'll stop?" Jim asks. "It doesn't feel like it. I'm just being honest," Maggie says. Fire her. Instead, Jim says he "can't ask for more than that. Except rational thought." "WHAT WAS THAT?" Maggie barks. Fire her right now. At the very least, act like you're her boss and not her employee.

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