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By the way, Maggie also sucks at pre-interviews, which may have been why she didn't want to do the pre-pre-interview in the first place. She starts off by attacking Arizona and how horrible it is. Jim responds by saying that Arizona has a hard enough time paying for its legal citizens these days, and Maggie is so angry that she forgets about the phone receiver she was miming and yells at Jim for "scapegoating these people." "Stop," Jim says, "ask the follow-up." Maggie's follow-up is that Arizona should be proud that it's such a hot destination. Jim says the correct follow-up question would have been to ask how much illegal immigrants cost, and that the governor's response will be that they are happy to accept people from all walks of life into their state as long as they are allowed to be there. Maggie is done with this helpful instruction that she could clearly use, saying "I'm going to ask the right questions, you dweeb!" Fire her. Also, "dweeb?" That's worse than MacKenzie's "punk" last week. Maggie says her point in all of this (which she shouldn't have because she's not there to argue with show guests, but to do a freaking pre-interview so that the world may know precious facts) is that people can be so dismissive of illegal immigrants that they don't think of them as people who are just trying to make better lives for themselves and their children. Well, go yell at MacKenzie for that, because she's the one who doesn't want to put a human face on the issue. Also, maybe you should stop referring to them as "these people." That's kind of marginalizing. Maggie also has a problem with the term "illegals." Yes, because "undocumented workers" makes them seem that much more human. Something about Maggie's argument convinces Jim that she's ready for an unsupervised pre-interview. Or maybe he's just sick of listening to her.

Sloan Sabbith, financial reporter, talks about Greece and signs off. MacKenzie gives her a round of applause and Sloan looks duly weirded out. MacKenzie asks if they can talk about something. MacKenzie says she noticed that Sloan referred to two companies as "which" instead of the teleprompter's "whom." Sloan says she didn't write the copy and the copy incorrectly referred to the companies as people, so she switched it. MacKenzie is apparently very impressed by this, when honestly anyone who knows anything about business news (which both MacKenzie and whoever wrote Sloan's copy should) knows that companies are singular entities and not people.

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