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Speaking of relationships, Dr. Dr. Sloan's date with the football player was pretty bad. He "ditched" her around midnight, she says, but she did end up hanging out with Savannah Guthrie. Dr. Dr. Sloan reports that she is a good dancer with amazing legs. She's also a few months away from stealing Ann Curry's job. Also why was she out after midnight on a weekday? Doesn't she have to be back on the Today show at like 5 a.m.? Will sincerely apologizes for embarrassing Dr. Dr. Sloan and everyone else by appearing on a morning show. "I love you, Will," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Thanks, sis," Will says.

Maggie and Dantana prepare to interview Stomtonovich. Dantana kindly informs Maggie that she looks tired. She basically ignores that, asking Dantana how she's supposed to get Stomtonovich sitting in front of his shelf full of Marine accomplishment medals and such in the frame and not the college basketball game. I want to know how Maggie is supposed to be the person setting up any technical aspect of this interview when that's really not her job. Maybe a camera person could do this? Dantana says they'll just blur the game out when it makes it to air. They might want to blur out a lot more than that when it makes it to air. It's going to be pretty obvious who News Night's source is when he's talking to them out of his own living room and is military honors that probably have his name on them are sitting on a shelf behind him.

Stomtonovich walks in. Dantana sends everyone out of the room except Maggie. But Stomtonovich wants her out, too, saying he was told he'd be dealing with Dantana, and had Dantana investigated. He didn't check out Maggie so he wants her out. Because Maggie won't be watching his comments right after they're put on tape? I don't understand the problem at this point. Anyway, she readily agrees to Stomtonovich's conditions. On her way out of the room, Dantana says they will be asking him about Operation Genoa, a classified mission, and that Stomtonovich will confirm that "it happened." "It happened," Stomtonovich says, just as Maggie exits.

With that, Dantana turns the camera on. He asks Stomtonovich what Operation Genoa was. "An extraction," Stomtonovich says. "Two Marines were taken by the enemy and I won't say more than that." Dantana asks if any "exceptional measures" were used. "Exceptional measures were called for," Stomtonovich says. He won't say exactly what those measures were.

Dantana, getting frustrated and impatient, asks if sarin gas was used. Stomtonovich says that, in the situation the Marines were in, "it is right, it is moral and necessary to use any means in that situation," Stomtonovich says. He won't say they used sarin. He'll only say that "if" they did, here's how they would have.

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