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So Dantana heads back to ACN's D.C. bureau with the footage, jumps into an editing bay, and starts cutting out the "here's how" and keeping the "we used sarin" bit. Obviously, this is something you shouldn't ever do if you want to be an ethical journalist and not embarrass yourself and your employer. But we already knew something like this was going to happen, didn't we?

Dantana triumphantly shows off his (doctored) footage at the next red team meeting. Stomtonovich says "here's how we used sarin." MacKenzie asks for the raw footage. Dantana shows her the "raw footage" that he cut together the other day. And he did a great job making it look untouched. After ACN fires him he might want to consider a career as a reality show editor. But still, Charlie says they don't have enough to go to air. Dantana can't believe it. Charlie says Stomtonovich isn't a 100 percent reliable witness. He has memory problems. "I want another witness," Charlie says.

Dantana says their country dropped sarin gas on a village and it's their job to tell the world about it. Also, remember, he's still angry about those drone attacks the president authorized. He angrily says that everyone else just can't accept that his beloved president committed a war crime. "What the fuck is going on?" he snaps. "We have it. How long before you're comfortable?"

"How long" ends up being one montage. Time passes. Republican candidates drop out, Romney becomes the presumptive nominee. Paul Ryan becomes his running mate, various Republicans do stupid and/or horrible things.

Tess suddenly gets a call. She tells the caller to hold and runs through the newsroom to alert Gary Cooper, who tells Jim, who tells Charlie that Lance Cpl Herman Valenzuela is on the phone right now. He's not dead after all.

Marcia Gay Harden pops in to ask Charlie what that's about. Charlie says there were two Lance Cpl. Herman Valenzuelas in the Marines. They found the wrong one, who was killed in action. The right one finally got their messages when he returned from his deployment. He was willing to talk to them. Once they got the word of the mission's crew chief, Charlie says, they had enough to air the report. "Anybody would've" gone with it, he says.

And, he adds, their Sunday special report got great ratings – even better than they'd expected! And five minutes after the show ended, Charlie realized they "had a problem" – "none of it was true." Looks like next week we will finally get to see how everything unraveled.

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