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It's the middle of the workday and Jim gets a Skype from Hallie, because why call or even do that iPhone Facetime thing when you can do a video chat on a guy's work computer in the middle of the newsroom? Hallie says she's excited to see Jim tomorrow night, when the campaign circus comes to town. Jim says she should be excited because he got them a suite at the Soho Grand. After her "event," they'll get dinner and then have "discretionary time" in the hotel room. Meanwhile, everyone who sits near Jim can hear this and would appreciate it if he kept his personal time sex plans quiet.

And then Hallie ruins everything by telling Jim she's inviting an MTVu reporter named Aubrey to the dinner with them. She thinks Aubrey and Neal will hit it off. So Hallie, the most anti-social person on that campaign bus, is now reaching out to MTVu reporters? Okay. But then Hallie promises that she'll be wearing "cocktail attire." Gary Cooper overhears it and urges Jim to do whatever Hallie wants so he can see her in cocktail attire.

Will rants about Republicans again and how the Congress has passed nearly zero laws and the ones it did pass are mockable. Except Will's to heavy-handed with the material and should leave the political/news humor to the Daily Show. In conclusion, he says, we are all doomed. Will watches the broadcast the next morning in his office. A little chart scrolls on the bottom of the screen. Dr. Dr. Sloan walks in and pitches the upcoming Disney bomb John Carter as an economy story. Disney will lose $200 million but won't need the government to bail it out. How can it do so well in this day and age, Dr. Dr. Sloan wonders. And isn't it a paragon of capitalistic virtue, with it's employing of union workers? By the way, how many of Disney's good solid American jobs does it outsource? For some reason, Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't include that detail.

Will thinks it's a good idea. Dr. Dr. Sloan notices that he's watching footage of himself. The chart on the screen is the results of a focus group Will asked ACN to set up for him. Charlie won't let him be tested, so he went behind his back to "check in" with his audience. Dr. Dr. Sloan clearly doesn't think this is a good idea, but decides not to tell Will about it at this time. Nor will she ask how well he tested.

Meanwhile, Charlie and MacKenzie are ROAD TRIPPIN' through a Maryland neighborhood that looks suspiciously like Los Angeles. Unless Maryland started incorporating stucco into its architecture recently? Anyway, Charlie and MacKenzie are ridiculous and can't find the general's house without crashing into the recycling bins on the curb. The general isn't too thrilled to see them out there with his overturned garbage cans, asking if this happened because they were texting while driving. "It was regular negligence," MacKenzie explains. Indeed, negligence is certainly a regular occurrence on this show.

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