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Stomtonovich asks what they want from him. This is an unexpected question, as Charlie and MacKenzie had an appointment and now he doesn't seem to know who they are. He thinks they're magazine salespeople or Jehovah's Witnesses. Hm. MacKenzie reminds him that they talked on the phone just yesterday, and that seems to jog Stomtonovich's memory. "You want to know how chemical weapons are stored?" he asks. They sure do.

Stomtonovich invites them in but refuses to look away from his college basketball game because it's March Madness ("best sporting event on Earth," he calls it. I would disagree, but last season I finally did pretty well in an office pool and realized that March Madness can be a lot of fun when you're thisclose to winning $100 from it). So that's going on while MacKenzie asks him about combat munitions. Stomtonvich says that Libya still has chemical weapons even though it promised in 2003 it would get rid of them. The US has chemical weapons too, he says. He won't say if he's upset about that, just that chemical weapons are a tool to kill the enemy just like anything else and he's okay with the US having access to them. Not so much Libya.

Charlie asks if he's okay with the US using chemical weapons, and Stomtonovich says he doesn't want to discuss this anymore. "We think you do," MacKenzie says, reminding him that he's spoken out about this many times before, which is how ACN found him. Stomtonovich says he knows they're asking about sarin. "We never mentioned sarin," MacKenzie says. "We know about Genoa," says Charlie.

And then, because this is Sorkin, Stomtonovich comes up with an elaborate metaphor for chemical weapons out of the basketball game. It has something to do with free throws and knives but I couldn't follow it to tell you more than that. Charlie hands Stomtonovich the manifest he got from Shep; Stomtonovich says it's authentic. And agrees to an interview with ACN as long as his face is obscured and his voice is changed. And he can do it in his living room while watching basketball. Um. Yeah. Because none of his former co-workers will be able to recognize his living room on TV. Or his love of college basketball. MacKenzie says Dantana will be there tomorrow to talk to him. Stomtonovich asks how Dantana got the story. "Lucky tip," MacKenzie says. Yes. "Lucky."

Will is criticizing Republicans again! This time it's Rick Santorum. A guy who represents Catholics and is a Santorum supporter comes on the show, so you know Will is going to yell at him a bunch and be condescending. First he asks the guy if Santorum has to keep going on and on about his religion every day. For instance, Will says, the other day Santorum said climate change wasn't a problem because Jesus. The guy says Will is "distorting Rick Santorum's words" and then he's cut off by Will. "I don't think I am," he says, and shows another quote from Santorum. This one is about how the theory of evolution might be wrong and it's mean to religious people to teach it in school. And there's one about how students should "understand the full range of scientific views that exist and not just the controversial evolution.

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