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Chop Chop

Nina suggests that Will go on ACN's morning show to "warm [him]self up" to the audience. "Just be you," she says. "Nebraska farm boy … you used to steal your mother's pies when she put them out to cool." "You're confusing me with a hobo," Will says. Nina urges him to go on the show the next morning, which isn't too many hours away from now.

Some guy buys Maggie a drink. He's cute! But Maggie says she's "just hanging out alone tonight." "I'm just thinking my thoughts," she adds. Well, that shouldn't take long.

Taylor says it looks to her like Maggie made a "gaffe" in the YouTube video, much like the ones Mitt Romney has made that ACN keeps giving him hell for. They fight, and then Aubrey says they should all be libertarians like Ron Paul. "What the fuck did you just say?" Neal says, adding that Ron Paul is a "batty old crank." "They won't let Romney get his message out, either," Taylor sympathizes. Jim says if Romney really wants to get his message out, then he should appear on a network that isn't watched by the people who are already planning to vote for him. And he should talk up his businessman skills and stop ignoring the Mormon thing.

"It's been suggested," Taylor says. "And?" Jim asks. "I was fired," Taylor says. No! Not Taylor! But yes, she says she just got fired. This comes as news to Hallie. "I'm sorry. You were a good spokesperson for him," Jim says. Yes, she was. This is tragic. "You should go work for Ron Paul," Aubrey helpfully suggests. Again, I feel like Terry Smith could use Taylor's talents.

I guess Jim and Hallie managed to extricate themselves from all of that as they're in the hotel lobby next time we see them. "It's just us now!" Hallie says. But no! It's not. New York City has 8 million people in it and five boroughs but Maggie is drinking at the hotel bar. Because hotel bars are fun places to hang out. Jim says hello. Maggie says she's meeting a "friend from college." Yeah, a friend named "Drunk and Easy." That's almost everyone's college friend! She asks Jim what he's doing in the hotel and Hallie says he's "fixing [her] computer." Well, that's awkward. Good call, Jim, stopping by to say hello to Maggie. "That was nice of you," Jim says to Hallie on their way out. "I doubt it mattered," Hallie says.

The hotel room is full of lit candles. How long as that been going on? Hours? Did the staff just light them and then take off? It seems dangerous. But Hallie likes it, so they make out. And then Hallie gets an email that she has to fly to Colorado for a surprise campaign event and her plane leaves in 90 minutes. Oh, romantic foibles!

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