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Will fires the football into the stage lights, and that's the end of that appearance! He runs back to the green room, where Nina is waiting for him. And he dumps her because she didn't tell him to stop worrying about his likeability numbers. Nina says she thinks he should worry about them. "I was aiming for the fucking light tree!" Will says. He walks out. I'm very sad that this is probably the end of Nina on this show, and that she is being blamed for being a bad influence on Will somehow.

Will gets in to his office, where Dr. Dr. Sloan is waiting for him to smirk that he looked ridiculous and out of place on the morning show and those focus group numbers that said he was trustworthy and smart should've mattered to him more than whether or not people liked him. Also, she thinks now would be a good time to do a psychological profile of Will. She says he used to do the kind of show he wanted with MacKenzie. Then she cheated on him and made him sad, so he started doing a show that could make viewers like him instead. I'm not sure how being a bland newsreader makes one especially likeable, but okay. So he was happy for one hour a day when he was doing his show and miserable for the other 23 until MacKenzie came back to rescue him for mediocrity and make him do the show he's "supposed to be doing" and makes him "do the news." And while Will likes that, he won't be able to keep all of his "invisible friends." Great, but I'm still not sure how yelling at show guests is "doing the news." Also, it seems like Will is now miserable for all 24 hours of the day instead of 23. I think Nina might've had a point. It's not like Will and MacKenzie new version of News Night is going anything good for anyone or informing the American people's decisions.

Will comes back with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote about how "a woman is like a teabag." Okay! "You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." I'm sure he means metaphorical hot water. I'm sure. With that, Dr. Dr. Sloan leaves him alone because she doesn't think there's anything she can tell him that will make him feel worse than he already does. Will agrees. Dr. Dr. Sloan says that Will should just remember that science has only been able to find one other planet capable of sustaining human life in the entire universe so far. I'm guessing she's suggesting that MacKenzie is Will's OneTrueLove. Their relationship has now been compared to slavery and the vast depths of the universe.

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