Red Team III

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Drunk Leona Rules

Then Leona gives a big speech about how she loves ACN and they make her really proud. She does and they do? I thought she hated them? Anyway, she's pissed that Jerry fucked them and now they have to give him five million dollars and her best people are resigning. So she vows that they won't resign and she won't settle because fuck that guy. Then Marcia Gay Harden shows up and says that "Lee" shouldn't accept their resignations and are these two besties? Because I think I'd rather watch the show where they have girls' night with some wine and Daniel Craig movies in Leona's beautiful UES apartment. I smell a spinoff!

Anyway, Leona is still babbling on and Charlie YELLS, "LEONA! WE DON'T HAVE THE TRUST OF THE PUBLIC ANYMORE!" Geez, take it down a notch, Charlie. She may be stoned but she's not deaf. Leona yells, "THEN GET IT BACK!!!" And then cut to black. What just happened? The scene was kind of funny and lightly emotional and then there was a bunch of yelling and it just ended? The first time I watched this, I said out loud in my empty living room, "What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck was that?" I stand by that statement just like the ACN staffers stand by their story.

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