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Drunk Leona Rules

Jim reads the federal law about chemical weapons, and adds that the punishment is death or life imprisonment. He wants everyone to realize the consequences of running this story. Don adds that there might be riots in the US as well. Aw, Don. It's so cute that you think the American public gives a shit about… well, anything that's not a football game. Jerry's solution for potential riots is for Don to just stay in his house. Seriously, why are Mac and Charlie letting this guy act like such a douchebag? Wouldn't this storyline have been more interesting if you empathized with Jerry at all? If you were totally sure that sarin had been used and better understood why Jerry was so desperate to get this story on the air? If Jerry were a nice guy who just needed a break? Instead, we've got a quirky general and a shady source, and Jerry is an asshole cartoon villain. Bleh.

Everyone looks to Will, who sits there a long time and then says, "I trust Charlie and Mac." Charlie says they're going to run the story. Wasn't this really Charlie and Mac's decision to start out with? Why go through the whole Red Team charade if they were just going to let Jerry bully everyone into seeing his point of view? Ugh, this storyline.

And now it's time for the story to air. We're in the control room watching with Mac, Jerry and Jim as the opening music swells. Will gives a speech about how we've been at war for a long time and that it's difficult to uphold the principles we're fighting for? Or something like that. And then they launch into the story we already know about Operation Genoa, showing off the evidence that we've already seen. Luckily, we see this in montage fashion so that we don't have to relive every moment of the broadcast. Of course, Jerry (excuse me, he's credited as Jerome) does the voiceover because he's a glory hound. I'm a little surprised that Sloan does so many of the interviews of the key figures. When did she get a promotion? When the retired general says they used sarin (the line that Jerry edited), Mac nods to herself, while Jerry looks a little shifty and Jim casually leans on a console and twiddle his thumbs or something.

Charlie watches the report from his office. Everyone else watches from various places in the newsroom or control room as really dramatic music plays. Are we supposed to be in suspense about whether or not the show will go off? Is the retired general going to burst into the newsroom, yelling wildly that his words were edited? Because that would actually be interesting. Instead, everyone just looks nervous until Will finally signs off, noting that the Pentagon denied their request for an interview.

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