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Judge Not

Will's latest date is blonde. MacKenzie watches them leave. Maggie watches MacKenzie watching them leave. None of these people have lives.

Jim finally managed to leave the office, only to take his computer to the karaoke bar that has no karaoke and work there. Neal announces that Don and Maggie broke up last week. This time, Neal reports, "it's real." He knows this because every woman in the office except MacKenzie (and Sloan, if she even still works there) has been gossiping about it. "Get in there!" Neal says. Jim refuses to "swoop in," adding that he would look like a hypocrite anyway since he's the one who told Maggie to stop breaking up with Don. Neal asks what qualifies Jim to give out relationship advice. He probably was embedded with Marines who were relationships. Duh.

Montage of Will channeling Keith Olbermann ranting about the Tea Party. God bless you, Jeff Daniels. You are TRYING. Sorkin won't kill your family.

November 2. It's election night, and ACN anchors Will and Elliot are combining forces for an Election Night Special. That means Don gets to return to the bullpen and run around with the others as updates on election results pour in. Don tries to give a post-it to Maggie, who rushes past him a bunch of times and ignores him. Very professional. Jim shows Charlie another result, and it looks like a Democrat friend of Charlie's just got voted out of office. "He was a great public servant. Call it red," Charlie sighs. I guess he wasn't that great if his public voted for someone else.

Don and MacKenzie split EP duties in the control room. MacKenzie reads off the new governor of Wisconsin's victory speech to Will, wondering how he can say he's an ally to businesses and workers when he also wants to bust the unions. I guess he thinks that the workers and the businesses are better off without unions. It's not like he wants to be the governor to make everyone miserable. Oh my god, this show is so bad that it's making me sympathetic to Scott Walker.

Don asks MacKenzie to ask Will to throw it to Elliot more often. MacKenzie asks Don to ask Elliot say something besides how awesome it is to see democracy in action. "I'm trying!" Don snaps.

On stage, we have Sloan (oh yeah, remember her? How did she not get to appear in any of the time passage montages?), Will, Elliot, and some guy who I think is Elliot's analyst sitting behind their laptops. Way to connect with the American people behind your shiny MacBook Pros, there, guys. Will asks Elliot for his opinion on the night. Elliot says democracy is in action and it is beautiful. Will is disgusted and turns to Sloan for analysis. Sloan says the voting public is old and conservative. Will asks Elliot's analyst why people who are on social security are voting for candidates who could destroy social security. Elliot's analyst has no explanation for this. The segment ends, and Elliot's analyst is not very pleased with Will. Don is not pleased with Elliot. He pulls him aside and asks him to "get in the game" and stop saying stupid things when Will is good enough to give him a chance to speak. Shockingly, Elliot does not appreciate Don's advice. "Don't talk to me like that," he says; "don't talk to me like I am a disappointing child." He tells Don he can either get back together with Maggie and stop being such a dick, get over Maggie and stop being such a dick, or get fired. Don takes a second and says Elliot is right. All is forgiven. Well, thank god they resolved the Elliot/Don tension plotline! I was dying to know what was going to happen between those two! Meanwhile, who is Neal?

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