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Judge Not

Maggie hands Will some election updates and some helpful, if inappropriate and unsolicited, advice. She knows this is "grounds for termination," although considering they didn't can her when she did all that other stuff, I can't see them firing her now, but she thinks Will's dates should meet him at the restaurant and not in his office. Will decides to be frank with Maggie: "Your head's up your ass." But he doesn't fire her. Instead, he says he can't stop thinking about MacKenzie sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. Still. Three years later. Might want to get some therapy about that, Will. He says he wasn't trying to hurt MacKenzie or rub her face in anything; he just wasn't considering her feelings. Well, that was awkward.

Will decides to make it even more awkward by going to the control room to talk to MacKenzie. He starts to apologize to her, only to be interrupted by some random guy who thinks the control room is awesome and then calls MacKenzie "honey." His name is Wade, and he's a big fan of Will and NewsNight and there's the 50,000th Murrow mention. Also, he's "more than friends" with MacKenzie, yet he doesn't seem to know that she's American and not British. MacKenzie has one of the underlings take Wade away to give him a tour of the studio so she can have awkward chat with Will. She says they've been dating for three months now, which is definitely more than enough time to bring the guy to her work on one of the most important and busiest nights of the freaking year. "I'm sorry," MacKenzie says. No she isn't. She's never sorry. And I don't really care about who she's dating or for how long because it's suddenly November on this show and last week it was April. Seven months have passed in these people's lives but we didn't really get to see any of it and the show is too young to have allowed us to feel like we know or are attached to these characters, so we don't care. Will tries to shrug it off and leaves. MacKenzie makes a series of pained worry faces.

Will manages to nail his knee on the desk as he tries to sit back down because no one on this show can do anything right. Sloan sits down next to him and says he should ask the newly-elected Tea Party candidates about the debt ceiling because she can see the future and knows it will become a really big deal in seven or eight months. Will doesn't think it's a big deal, since raising the debt ceiling isn't about borrowing more money but about making it possible to pay money back. Sloan asks if he thinks the rest of the country is as knowledgeable about it as he is. Oops.

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